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  1. So everyone says that a vape conserves weed better than any other method of smoking because less gets you higher.
    Well, for me, a vape gives me a different kind of high. It kind of just makes me tired and makes me want to sleep, and i don't really get that high... So last week I was alternating between my bowl and my vaporizer, and honestly I've found that the bowl gets me much high, much quicker, for longer periods of time than if I had vaporized the same amount of weed.
    so.. FUCK VAPES.
    blunts/bongs/bowls 4 life.
  2. well then you are obviously using it wrong or something. the vape should give you a head high and make you more active, not tired. i know for me at first i may have noticed what youre describing, i wouldnt have ever called it making me sleepy but it wasnt that real clear high. i have since mastered it and it works amazingly. give it at least a week more, youll learn to love it. i do at least.
  3. this is my second vaporizer, and i've been using it for a while. it just seems like an artificial high. a .3 bowlpack gets me twice as high than a .3 in a vape
  4. I prefer vape, conserves alot, and I like the high more.
  5. what kind of vape do you have?
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    I prefer the high I get from my vapes than my bongs and pipes.

    To come to think of it... I have two bongs and have never smoked out of them...
  7. Ignorance is bliss.

  8. Not all vapes are the same, nor do they all have the same learning curve. Which vape do you have?

    The other thing to consider is that with vaporizing, you are not getting all of those nasty toxins that are in smoke, and it's those toxins as well as some of the CBD/CBN's that may be lacking that is causing the different high, but for most people, they find the high from a vape LESS tiring and more of an energetic head high then a couch-lock body high.
  9. if you took a blunt, and smoked it... and measures your high, then went back in time, and took all that weed, ground it to a fine powder, and vaped it at a correct temp, you would be WAY fucking higher.... ive smoked more than a quad in a blunt before, and im 100% sure if i was to vape a quad, i would be high for days because it wouldnt even be able to vape it all that fast haha

  10. Yup. As soon as the flame hits your bud, tons of THC gets burned off and lost before it ever has a chance to get into your lungs. Not so with vapor.

  11. I hit my vape 2-3 times, i'm high as fuck, i hit a pipe 2-3 times and im barely even getting into my buzz

  12. i did this with my buddha all my buddies were talkin shit sayin, "oh vapes r a waste they dnt get u high" an all that nonsense so i said lets split a bag and instead of rollin a blunt, vape it all pack after pack until its gone, i told them they culd each have 5 back from me if they didnt think they were that high, needless to say no money came out of my pocket and they were all completely vaked. me being used to the high was pretty energetic and uppity, but they were glued to fifa for several hrs and "unable to function", vape all day man i can put a .3 in my buddha vape bong it out of my illy or zob and ill be more than good for quite sometime! stay vaked blades!

  13. I used to smoke 2 oz in about 10 days, i tried to make them last 2 weeks, then i got my vape, now i usually have a quad left by week 2, its nice, so i just buy like a regularly would...and now i have a huge stock pile of dank ass strains because im over lapping... its quite nice lol
  14. yeah u conserve so much and save by gettin a vape ive probably already paid it off, i have a launch box too i llove that thing, im hoping to get a purple days next the effiencey on those r amazing.
  15. i never touch a flame to my own bud. vapor ftw

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