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  1. I'm going to invest in nice piece soon to celebrate moving into my own place. I'm stuck between a nice RooR bong or a Digital Volcano. I know vaping is much better for you, you get a better high, you get more from your weed, all that. But i'd just feel weird sitting there inhaling from a bag. It just doesn't feel like blazing, ya know? Whereas hitting a bong and hearing the bubbles pop out of the water is just part of the experience.

    The third option is to get the RooR bong with a Vapourstar bowl (Vaporstar - Vaporizing Bowl - Online Shop).

    Decisions, decisions...
  2. Get a vape and attach it to a ROOR.The best of both world.This is how I smoke.
  3. get the glass and dont look back.

  4. Well the same thing applies to that. Then i'd be sitting there smoking a bong with a hose going into the bowl. It's just mad complicated.
  5. If you don't need to be stealthy and don't care about smoke and your lungs, get a bong. But if you don't want anyone smelling it and you care about the health side of vapes, get a vape.
  6. I got a vape and never looked back... alot more healthy for you too man... trust me go with the vape
  7. Its your money. Spend it on what you think is best suited for you. There are so many arguements between the two.

    I can argue both sides.
    If I am not mistaken you can get more than 90% THC out of a vape. So even if you do feel dumb think of that kind of high.
    Even if your bongs have percs or anyhting filtering smoke, I do not think you can much higher of a percentage of THC than a vape.

    My friends V-Tower extreme came with a wireless remote, that could adjust varporizing temperatures, timers and all sorts of different things, allowing smoking to be easy with little work.

    Bongs however are a very traditional/fun way to smoke herb. (RooRs especially)

    Even though you can put ice in a bong inhaling vaporized bud is was better than inhaling burnt bud.

    Bongs also can be store easier, because they do not require as many parts even though they might be larger in size.

    There you go... Hope that helps. Again it all depends on what suits your stoner needs, buddy. They are both great ways to smoke, you just have to decide what you will get the most out of especially when you are spending that kind of money.

    Keep blazing out of the good pieces though. Cyah around :smoke:

  8. You are complicated.I gave you the ideal situation for you and you find a problem with it.

  9. This made me lol :)
  10. I still hit the bong just about more than half the time. Having said that, get the volcano/vape. Vape highs are a little different, but you could easily just burn a bowl afterwards.

    Oh yeah, and you're gona be so high from the vape you won't miss the bubbling sound much.

    I wouldn't live without a bong though.
  11. Honestly if your a medicinal marijuana patient a glass bong would be a good investment for a daily driver. :rolleyes:
  12. Get a vaporstar. I have mine and I absolutely love it, the best fifty dollars I have ever spent. I have a Roor too and it gets really thick and nice vapes out of it (my neighbor has a volcano so I have something to compare it to). The great thing about the vaporstar is that it is basically like a bowl but it vapes so you still use a lighter and a bong, really helps you keep the social aspect of blazing while allowing you to vape and its only fifty dollars.
  13. Dude, get a vape. It's worth it if it is especially a volcano vape. Plus, im not a big fan of RooR bongs as well. Get an illadelph or a medicali bong. I will definitely get those bongs over the vape.
  14. You have more options than just going with a RooR if you have the loot to spend on a digi Volcano.

    Toro or SG would also be a nice choice, or you could do what others have suggested and grabe the Digi Volcano, get a Vapor Dome and then go with a nice tube and attach the vape to it.

    I prefer tubes over a vape anyday but having a vape laying around is also a huge plus.
  15. Vape/ROOR(waterpipe) combo is the best IMO
  16. If you don't care about your health, get a bong.
    If you are a grower, or if you have so much money that you don't care how much money you spend on bud, get a bong.
    If your taste buds are shot or you could care less about how your bud tastes, get a bong.

    But...........if you do care about these things, get a vape.
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    it completely depends on what you're looking for.

    If you want an extremely intense high that will put you on a couch, go with the Bong.

    If you want to go for a walk in the nature and have a good time, go with the vaporizer.

    to me, vaporizers are better in every way from saving weed to being healthy.

    EDIT: In MY OPINION!, don't get a volcano. they are way too expensive and its stupid to pass around a fucking plastic bag.
  18. Not in a party situation. In a party situation, the 'Cano is an excellent vape. Those "fucking plastic bags" as you say, takes all of the user errors out of the equation, so in a party, they work great.

    So no, it's not stupid to pass a bag around. in fact, it's a very smart thing to do.

    Now for personal use, it's a different story.
  19. look into the vaporstar - just attach it to ur bong n ur ready to flyyyy. the great thing about conduction vapes is that theyre way cheaper, easy to carry, silent, less smell and clean air - no carbonization or combustion of the leaf matter ;)
    i think an even better alternative to vaporstar is vapo-bowl - its made of glass opposed to wood.
    keep on burning - peace.
  20. Me personally i would go for the bong. I havea buddy with a vape and its nice but i like smoking alot better.

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