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  1. How does this work? I hear about some people hooking a vape to their bong to deliver SUPER cold hits. Sounds fucking diabolical so I though I would ask because I would like to this. Pics would be great. :wave:
  2. My friend has this setup and we do it all the time. You just buy a new whip that instead of having a mouth piece, it has a piece of glass so that it can fit into a glass on glass tube. so you pack the bowl in the vape and plug it in, the hose goes into the female of the tube, and you inhale through the tube. He bought it at a local headshop here for $20

    The hits aren't "COLD" at all though, unless you put ice cold water and ice in your tube. I wouldn't do that with vape anyways though, vape is very gentle especially when through room temp. water.

    Anyways it produces my favorite type of high period. It gives you the nicest feeling, SOOOO ripped.
  3. You don't need to buy a bong adaptor. You can just put the tube in the down stem, and vwa-la! Works just as well.
  4. hits beautifully, especially with ice

  5. for a vap to bong, what they said works fine. just one thing id do is use distilled water in the bong. water does absorb thc. not very much, and with just hittin a bong, its not gonna affect it much. with a vape, you get near pure thc in the smoke, and the water will likely absorb more thc than youd like it to.

    its not a huge deal, youll still get ripped if u used tap water. i just dont like to waste even the tiniest bit of thc
  6. THC is not water soluble.
    Water will not absorb any of the THC.
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    thc is water solubule at 59.34ppm

    thc is indeed a nonpolar molecule making it attract to fats/oils/tars much more readily. but it will absorb into water. damn near everything can absorb into water. and on the part of distilled/tap, inpurities in the tap could very likely be non polar and attract more thc than pure distilled water

    this all thanks to waters wonderfull dipolar properties. (same reason that water has surface tension :eek:)
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  9. i've taken my vape whip and plugged it into the carb hole on a pipe.

    then plug the bowl's hole with your finger and inhale

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