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Vape then smoke.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrbreckles, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So i have myself a Da Buddha sitting waiting to go and a rolled joint. Now i've smoked for almost 9 years now but only used the vape 3 times (arrived a couple of days ago).
    I was just wondering what using the vape followed by a joint would be like. Whether it would be overkill and completely rip my face off or whether it would just be a better high.

    Cheers all :D
  2. Idk, why don't you try it?

    I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  3. Its just like smoking a bowl then a joint, only your vaping that bowl.

    Sure though, vape high is a little different, but combining vape then smoke is my preferred method. Don't see why you didn't just do it haha. It's never overkill:cool:
  4. i love using my mates vape before ripping a few bongs, the highs mix nice and you get totally blazed
  5. It's the best way to go, we always start with vaping then switch to joints :hello:
  6. Sometimes I vape half a trench and then smoke half a bowl. After a few rips from the bowl I vape a fuller trench to wrap the whole thing up with a golden bow. This get's me extremely high and I only inhale a few rips of smoke. I've been wanting to try the trifecta of cannabis consumption by having an edible, smoke bowls while waiting to come up and when I feel the brownie kicking just start vaping.
  7. It was more of a question of whether it has a tendency to make some or maybe more people feel a bit too high if you get me. i mean i love to get wrecked now and then, but a lot of the time i like to be functional. I guess that was the wording i was looking for.
  8. my guess is you are going to get higher, just burn and enjoy :D
  9. Well im rolling as i type (not literally, not yet anyway) :D
  10. it's like dividing by zero. the world WILL implode and it will be YOUR fault.

  11. Oh mann i think u should get Vaped Out Da Buddha gets u fucked up i recomend turning the knob to about a little bit past the half mark probaly 3 o clock.

    Also smoking would kinda ruin the vape high because vape is only THC and smoking has other chemicals so it would overpower it with like the anxiety and shit. :smoke:

  12. u could function more with Vaping IMO
  13. Nah man. The only thing to worry about is couchlock and you're using a Da Buddah so i'd imagine you're home.

    Edit: Man I just had the perfect idea. Vape a trench, then go for a walk with your j. :smoke:

  14. God im using that idea im gonna roll 2 J's and go on a hill and just smoke ahah :smoke:
  15. well i vaped a gram and then rolled myself a j, had that and i was nice for a couple of hours, had another j in bed with a book and it was the most relaxed I've been in a good while.
    saving up my avb so i can get a few edibles down me and hit the vape when the edibles kick in. lets see how that turns out :-D
  16. Crazy high: Take a hit off the vape, don't exhale. Take a hit from a bub/bong in the same breath, then let that out.... Dome check!
  17. [quote name='"PNWChr0nic"']Crazy high: Take a hit off the vape, don't exhale. Take a hit from a bub/bong in the same breath, then let that out.... Dome check![/quote]

    How can you double a hit? Do you have two sets of lungs? Or are you saying to take two little bitch hits?

  18. I guess I have iron lungs man but I can do it pretty easy, A fat hit off each with a little extra inhale to finish it.. But then again I always have to be careful smoking with friends because I can snap a full bowl through pretty easily haha. To each his own though man, just ration out your lung capacity ;) It's fun to try
  19. visible vapor is wasted though, so you don't want to take huge rips of a vape. as long as you can taste it it's working

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