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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Drobr0, May 10, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for a nice vape. I can spend around $100 or preferably less. I was looking at the mflb, how does it compare to stationary vapes that have whips and plug in? I'm open to any suggestions.

    Thanks guys
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    If you can only spend 100 dollars or less, there really is no other "good" option other than either the LaunchBox, VaporGenie or VapoStar.

    If you want stationary home vape that is not a cheap Chinese made knockoff and which will provide a tastier vape experience, plan on spending at least 150 bucks.
  3. I had the Vapir No2 which was decent. it's a little over a hundred though.

    not sure if it was just that vape but honestly i dont really like vapes that much, smoking is alot more fun and vapes aren't magical devices that get you super ripped off tiny amounts of weed. you could probably pick up a decent bong for that money which is what i'd recommend you do but if youve tried vapes and like them i would try the vapir no2
  4. The MFLB is a nice unit, but I would say it is more of a portable vape rather than a stationary vape. I used mine for a solid 3 months, but as soon as my tolerance went up it became a pain to use. I still enjoy it during trips, but just a few days ago I bought the Extreme Q for $160 so I could vape more frequently at home. If you're an infrequent smoker and only have $100 then the MFLB is awesome in my opinion. :)

  5. Sure they are. I can get 5 solid hits from 0.025g. Pure magic if you ask me. Try doing that using ANY kind of smoking device.
  6. i agree with lwien entirely. ever since i first tried crude methods of vaping (lightbulb lighter conduction vape) i noticed instantly that this IS the case. vaping is efficient. no argument can possibly be made against that IMO
  7. Yeah, I love vapes and actually prefer them. I can't wait to get my home vape set up. When I had a low tolerance and first got my MFLB, I instantly fell in love with vaping :)
  8. Aight so i shouldnt buy a stationary vape thats less than like $150?
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    i agree i find them magically i use barely any bud to get higher then a few bowl out my bong would get me and the high is magically in itself i love the high its more uplifting even with indica i never have trouble doing thing or errands i am medicated but with minimizing the negative effects :smoke:

    if im looking for a stationary unit id say get ready to spend around 250 + but the investments well worth it. if your looking to spend 100 theres none better imo then mflb

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