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Vape Smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nastynas11, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I used to use my vape back in highschool in my room and i would blow the vapor out a window. I was wondering if I could just blow it in my room this time. I'm visiting for Mardi Gras and my parents probably know i'm going to smoke but i haven't really been upfront with them about it yet. Will the vapor make my room smell and cause an awkward conversation? or should i just blow out the window until im back in my dorm?
  2. it smells like burnt popcorn, atleast the vapor brothers one does.
  3. yeah do you think it would stink up my whole room though?
  4. just have some air freshener handy, vapor smeel is easily covered by any air freshener ..

    + vapor smells like burnt popcorn if anybody didnt know, most people will smell it and not even think that its weed..
  5. no it wont, just a few air freshener sprays and you will be fine
  6. alright thanks guys. i got some oust and im about to vape a few bowls.
  7. the smell will probably linger around for a minute or two minutes at most. i vaped in my room back at home without anyone knowing
  8. I vape a lot and the smell goes away really quick. If anything get a scented candle.
  9. My vapor brothers smells like a cross between english breakfast tea, roasted nuts, and a popcorn-ish smell.
  10. yea my expierences with vapes have been stank free. haha get you fucked up too
  11. well i did vape in my room and my mom did know something was up. but if you blow out your window as another precaution and have air freshner handy like they said then you'll absolutely be fine. It does go away after awhile too, but I would give it longer than 2 minutes for sure..
  12. It's not gonna reek up your room that badly, and you're parents won't know it's weed.

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