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Vape Smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420kdc1994, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I live in an apartment with my roommate who is totallt against smoking and doesnt like me doing it. I like smoking indoors tho and i was thinking about getting an arizer extreme q. I heard the smell goes away quickly. I was wandering if you think my roommate would smell it from his room. Are rooms are side by side btw. And kinda of off topic but does anybody know how to get "milky" bags with the extreme q?​

  2. I love Extreme Q's. My favourite vape I own. :) They leave a faint trace of smell thats goes away fairly quickly. Nothing some spray won't take care of. Anyways, fuck your roommate, buy whatever you want and blaze wherever you want. This guy has no control of your hobbies.

  3. You don't have anything to worry about. I've had people walk in 5 minutes after I've vaped and they've noticed nothing. :)

    I love vaporizers haha. I suggest a MFLB.
  4. Naw,i have a vape to this day and no company of mine has ever complained of smell,i personally think it doesnt smell at all,but as for milky bags...uh not sure,i always just throw the bud in and press on at 375 and the bags fill up with vape
  5. I vaporize with my Silver Surfer every day and my room. My roommate is in the room next to mine. I never smell weed outside my room as long as I keep the door closed. Just asked him if any smell ever gets in his room and he said he's never been able to tell if I was vaping in my room.
  6. The smells is weird, not like weed for sure, but definitely weird.
  7. Be respectful to your roommate. Vapes are great. I own an Eclipse for now. I'm currently saving for a SSV.
    Check out the vaporizer group. Can be found by going to: Forums > Social Groups > Smoking and Usage > --- the vaporizer club ---

    Check the thread "Which vaporizer do you own?"
  8. Magic flight launch box.

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