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vape questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by draind, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. so i made a lightbulb vape..
    i think last time i tried a used the wrong typa lighbulb
    and it smelt hella like chemical
    even after salt and washing it so i was like... nah

    so i went to the dollar store
    got a cheeeeap lightbulb
    remade it
    doesnt have as strong as a smell

    my questions are
    1. does it smell the same as when you smoke? or could i do this with other people in my house and they wouldnt even know.
    2. what is it supposed to taste like? is there ganna be a little bit of lightbulb chemical the first hit or two?

    .. thats about it haha

  2. Dude, go on ebay and shell out 40 bucks for a decent vape, seriously, best investment ever!

    Happy Toking!
  3. To finish answering your questions, I've never tried a lightbulb vape, but I have a vape, and when I use it the smell is still there, but its a different type of smell. People won't recognize it as a weed smell that easily, but they will think you were doing something (the most common one I've heard is "dude, were you making popcorn?") which leads me into the taste. With most vapes I've tried the taste is closest to a slightly burnt popcorn flavor or a heavily roasted peanut/pistachio flavor, not bad flavors, but if you have some REALLY good tasting weed (like a good blueberry or a great kush) then you won't appreciate the taste obviously.

    Happy Toking!
  4. Smells kinda like slightly burnt popcorn.

    Solution: make popcorn.

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