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  1. Hello fellow blades,
    I've decided I'm going to invest in a vaporizer soon for healthier smoking and better taste.
    This will be my first vape of course and I need some seasoned vapers to help point me in the right direction!
    I was looking at the MFLB and I like everything except the packing issues and inhaling (the multiple sucking thing). I was wondering if I could get a portable vape that I can inhale like a pipe so I don't have to adjust and waste weed trying to figure it out. I don't really like the pens though hahaha. Also, what are the best vaporizers for $100-$150? I wouldn't mind getting a digital one expect for the fact that there too big or make loud noise.
    Thank you and sorry if I was picky, Peace  :p

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    You can find the Arizer Solo for $130 on eBay from a reputable dealer, it's incredibly easy to learn and use. It's great for groups. The audible beep can be turned off, I turned mine off since I hate the noise of it. The only thing to think about is the restricted draw.  :wave:
  3. Just looked at a couple of videos and this looks really really nice but at the end of one of them it says that it only works for 8-10 minutes and within there you only get about 12 draws then shuts off and you have to charge for an hour or so.. Will those draws get me high? I can get a good high with 12 hits of a pipe, will the effects be the same or stonger/weaker?
    You get a 12 minute "cycle" when you turn it on. You get about 8 cycles before it dies, give or take two depending on what heat setting you use. I like to keep it at a higher battery life and charge it often, since it's a lithium ion battery.  You can find heat up times and heat settings here
    I typically fill the bowl halfway, and you can choose to use a packer to get it halfway or just fill it loosely. I choose to pack it because less weed gets on the Stainless Steel bowl.
    I like to heat the Solo up to 4. It's my favorite temp, but experiment with every temp to find your favorite. If you love to smoke, you might like the higher temps (not implying that the higher temps make you smoke, it just cooks it at a faster rate and gives more vapor). But the lower temps still produce some tasty vapor. 
    I got 11 thick hits of vapor in one cycle just now before it turned off (I tend to stir in between about every 4 or so hits), and keep in mind I do this every day, and I'm really high. It's more of a head high than a body high, usually described as clear because there's no bi products of smoking. If you get a nice indica you can get lots of CBD's with higher temps and get a body high.

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