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Vape question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DarthBizzle, May 11, 2010.

  1. So, i just rinsed the shit out of a lightbulb I made a vape out of a year ago...

    I never quite got the hang of how vapes work, but I'm vaping some stems right now and it's gettin me pretty toasted :smoking:

    I know vapor is mist, not smoke, but my question is how is it suppose to feel when inhaled?

    For me it doesn't feel like i'm inhaling anything, untill i'm done or almost done inhaling, then theres a sharp-ish pain in my chest for a second, exhale, it's gone.

    So I guess my question is, is this normal? Every time I've vaped it's dne this, with 2 different bulbs I think I cleaned pretty thoroughly lol i don't wanna be inhaling that white shit tho
  2. SWIM uses a vaporizing pipe to vaporize his chosen herbs, and they usually only feel a warming sensation in the mouth. Little to no feeling in the lungs. SWIM thinks SWIY should be concerned about sharp pains in SWIY's lungs for sure.
  3. i have a similar experience when using my new easy vape....sudden sharp pain in the chest and after i exhale i cough though not as deep as after a bong hit

  4. i dont know anything about usng a lightbulb, there is no way i am gonna fuck with those chemicals especially inhaling directly...thats nuts man
  5. Well supposedly salt gets the white shit out of the bulb... I used salt... Alchohol... And hot water lol. So I *shouldn't* be inhaling chemicals... Bulb vapes are fairly common, methinks, but i'm just leary bout the sudden sharp pain... If it's not a normal thing, i'mma send the vape back into retirement, permanently lol
  6. i have only used one vape, the one i just bought, and am already having buyers remorse for my 160 dollars. i dont like it and shoulda went with the luke wilson'esque' bubbler for the same price
  7. Ive used a vape on and off for about 3 or 4 years now/. honestly ,best money I spent. Also,, its the volcano vape, so it might be considered better than other, not sure though.

    the pain, is somewhat common at first though,, since lungs aren't used to the mist that he vape produces. It'll work it out after a few times. For me, I soemtimes either never cough or could go into a coughing fit. (or anywhere in between), I wouldn't worry about that either..

    Myabe try setting the vape on a lower power, if it is on lower, set it to a higher temo to see how the vape will affect you. Normally, I always crank it to the higher temps, for a very dense bag, but I should really try the lower temps, since I go through my stash somewaht quickly that way.
  8. Buy a real vape. Lightbulb vapes are not healthy to use.
  9. #9 natesnuggs, May 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 11, 2010

    everyone i have talked to or read their posts about vapes say you get you pay for with them.....i was thinkin that when i bought it and couldnt stop wanting to say fuck it buy the volcano, woulda put me in the hole though.

    i will keep this in mind and not throw the easy vape in the corner of the closet. im so used to smoking the vape is hard to be patient with and give a chance. i will admit that the couple times i used it i was baked in totally new way.

    this is in the ballpark of one of my other main questions about the vaping experience. how do i know when the weed is cashed out and then do i just toss it or can i smoke it? if it tastes disgusting and is super harsh but still gets the job done i will save it for the dry days of the summer.

    you have already been a great help...thanks man and + rep for you....if ya tell me how to give it lol
  10. I need a real bong before a real vape haha

    Problem solved soon >:D

    I feel better bout the vape, though (Props Grizz) I won't use it on a regular basis cause... well, no lol. i don't like the way the vapor makes my lungs feel... i normally take abnormally large hits, so that combined with not being use to inhaling semi-liquid THC makes me think i should just toke. lol maybe vape stems when i'm out of bud... like i'm doing now
  11. thnx for the rep... or potential rep... i think. lol

    honestly, i usually use higher heat, but as for cashing it... if its turns dark brown or even medium dark brown, in a vape, your not going to get much out of it left.. unless you crank that puppy all the way up and try to set the shit on high temp. normally on my vape- 1-10 scale... i normally go around a 7 ... but then agian, never tried it on lower settings, ill do it this weekend and tell you how it is.. (currently at university and i dont smoke here... ever.)

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