Vape question

Discussion in 'E-Liquids & E-Juice, E-Cigarettes' started by HunterSkater710, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. So I have been vaping for a few months.

    I have a gx350 with a TFV12, an alien 220w with a TFV8 and a baby beast.

    First question is with my TFV12 and baby beast when I take a hit it will hurt my throat and not feel smooth like it will in my TFV8, even using the same juice. Any reason why? I have changed the coil on my TFV8 like 6 times but my TFV12 is brand new and so is the baby best. I let the juice sink into the cotton too.

    And what is a good vape for strong flavor even if there is not a lot of vapor. Just a mod/tank that will really let the flavors fly on any juice.

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