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vape question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NewYorkStoner, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. can someone explain to me how its a different high and which is a good first vape to get. I was looking at the mflb is this a good first vape choice?
  2. It's a complete head high. MFLB is the best first vape, imo. 1 trench sends me over the edge, man.
  3. will this be used as a desktop unit or more as a portable unit?
  4. [quote name='"Dest1"']It's a complete head high. MFLB is the best first vape, imo. 1 trench sends me over the edge, man.[/quote]

    but what do u mean by head high? like do you not get lazy or burnt out? does it make you think more? lol im a noob when it comes to vapes
  5. [quote name='"iVapeTooMuch"']will this be used as a desktop unit or more as a portable unit?[/quote]

    well i still live with my mom. i can get a desktop but it has to be able to be hidden so no volcanos lol

  6. Yeah you don't get lazy or burnt out. It's really hard to get burnt out with vapes, you just get a nice afterglow when you come down. You're constantly thinking and you just feel...i don't know, like up.

  7. This has more to do with the strain and whether it's an indica or sativa.
  8. MYS the mflb is a good choice, though I personally always recommend the vaporstar (
    As you'll see when you look up some pics, it's a small unit you slide into the hose/stem of a bong/waterpipe.
    It's relatively easy to use, it will teach you patience, it vapes well, and it will feel familiar to use for existing smokers, as you use a lighter while inhaling to heat it up.

    Both are good though.
    Although if you have enough money to buy one ($299) and want a sure thing that will only ever give you the best, spring for an Arizer Extreme Q. It's amazing and you'd never regret the purchase.
    ...though, I guess it is always good to test the water first.
  9. thanks for the help guys and 1 more question which would you recommend as like the best desktop vape such as extreme q as someone said, da buddah, silver surfer, ect.
  10. also the vaped bud you have left over if you smoke it can you still get high or is it more of a buzz?
  11. You need to be getting a decent vape to get a decent high.

    It's a head high, no couch lock usually. Better, cleaner healthier.
  12. It's a bit clearer of a high, but depending on temperature, with a good vape you can easily get a couchlock or an extreme body high, especially when vaping an indica.

    Depending on the temperature, there may be some actives left in your ABV, and while it can be smoked, I highly recommend using it to make Hash, edibles, or tinctures.

    The MFLB is a great portable vape, but it doesn't hit as hard as other, less portable vapes. In my opinion it's more like the spoon pipe of vapes, whereas a nice desktop vape would be more akin to a nice bong.

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