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Vape Q's

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntedbravo, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. wassup city?

    I did a google search after deciding i am going to save my mulah up for a vaporizer and chose vapor bros to be my purchase
    (i like the way it looks and that it's a ceramic heating element which is apparenty better
    and safer)

    but in one of the forums i read (

    shaggy 69 is told by thecolonel that vapor bros is in fact Not ceramic! why do they say it's 100 percent pure ceramic element everywhere online? I'm a little
    worried now and hopefully the blades can help me out with some vape-enlightenment.

    Should i get the hands free model or the regular? if i want the easiest vaping experience
    should i get the hands free?

    oh yeah! randy, i know, but i saw The Butterfly Effect tonight with my buddies, and i rate it 5 stars.. highly recommended.

  2. If your worried about the heating element, I would say go for the VaporWarez 3G because it is ceramic and has a five year warranty. Plus, on ebay at least, the price for a regular one is $120 and for the handsfree is $140, with some extra goodies included for both. As far as getting the regular or the handsfree is just personal preference. Me personally, i like to sit back in a recliner while vaping, so i bought the handsfree version.
  3. All of the new Vapor Bros. vapes have 100% ceramic heating elements. I just bought the hands free about 2 months ago after using a friend's for a long time. It's the original box style vape and it kicks ass. They also don't use any glues or metal with the ceramic element like other rip-off brands do. Buy it.
  4. I use the ez vape and have a hotbox as well any opinions on those?

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