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  1. I'm very new to medicating and I am looking to purchasing a Vape Pen to medicate with... I don't really like using glassware or blunts. I'm hoping to find a better price online than what I've found at my dispensary but I'm having problems finding where exactly I go to find the Vape Pens to purchase. I've been told these are some good brand names to check out:
    ~ eGo C Twist
    ~ G Pen
    ~ Ti-Skillet
    ~ Vapor Curve
    Please let me know if anyone knows of a good website I can go to, to find what I'm looking for. (Starter kit, extra tanks and cartridges)
    Thanks so much!
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  2. Micro g is a great discreet oil pen
    I smoke it anywhere I want.

    Downside, takes 10-25 seconds to melt wax if its gotten cold (or keep it in your poster like I do)
  3. Where do I purchase such an item is my problem. I don't mind learning how to load my own cartridges if I need to. But I'd like something I can keep possibly in my purse or in a discreet container in my kitchen so I can take it outside to medicate. So any online places I can buy it and maybe a video on how to load it and take care of it would be awesome and much appreciated!

  4. (Sorry to butt in on the OP's post here)

    I'm in the market for a pen vape myself.

    That ambassador kit does look quite nice, though my concern is that it says the herb chambers are "disposable" and can only be used "1-5 times". Sounds a bit cheap, I prefer vapes that you don't have to keep buying "refill" parts for...
  5. Gpens are rebranded egos so take that out of the picture.have you looked into the atmos raw or the 71o pen?those r a cpl more options.look for something with no plastic in the carts.preferably ti or something
  6. I'm so very very new. I haven't bought anything or tried anything yet. I'm on a limited budget so I can't just buy a bunch to try them out or buy a bunch with disposable cartridges. I don't mind having to clean and maintain my pen and cartridges to save some money. So all your suggestions and tips are much appreciated!!!
  7. Quoting myself! (how narcissistic?) Anyway...

    Just looked into the ambassador kit a bit more, one of the reps from the company had this to say on another forum:

    "you can re-use the cartridge abouuuutttt maybe 5-10 times? until the oils, leftovers, begin kinda ruining the taste / youll want to change it."

    In other words, you can probably just clean them with an alcohol/salt mixture like you'd use on a pipe, but eventually you'll want to get new ones (they're plastic, after all). I wouldn't mind, I'm sure they'll last if you take care of them.
  8. the omichron or persei by delta9 vapes. best vape pens ive ever used and there reasonable priced
  9. My local head shop had micro G pens and 2 others had full size. It's the size of 2 cigarettes next to eachother so pocket/purse size
  10. Is there a website I can go to to buy one? I have been having problems finding where to buy them...
  11. yea
  12. I've been meaning to get into this myself. Love the idea of stealth-vaping. I'm very new to it all though. What all do I need to make sure I get? Do I have to use honey oil or can I use herb too? I keep hearing that the "atomizer" in these things gets fucked up quickly, what's the story there?

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