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    Who got a vape pen? This seems to be the new popular trend as an alternative to tobacco and those trying to quit smoking like me. I saw a friend smoking on a vape pen inside at the bar so I had to get one. And it can be used for dabbing MMJ concentrates. Which I think vape pens are killing oil rigs because its way more convenient and no torch needed so safer.

    Video 94 in West Covina off La Puente Rd and Nogales is the best smoke shop in SoCal, no one can beat their prices and they don't charge tax. I got the Perfection Pen 2x for 45 bucks which I think is one of the best deals out there and a metal tank for 5 bucks for more liquid. I'm gonna use one for tabacco and one for dabs. I was going to get a Gpen but it didn't take tobacco juice and there's a bunch of mini vapes coming out now. I got Organic Pina Colada which is pretty tasty I heard Snickerfritz is a good flavor.

    So whats your opinion on vape pens, what brand do you have and any tips to maintain the piece because I've heard there's problems but it's mainly a battery issue, gotta keep the battery clean and make sure no juice get on it either. Peace.
  2. All my friends have either the GPen or CloudPen, and they hit pretty hard and fat. I enjoy them.
  3. That's the thing .. I was wondering are these are compatible with the G-tank? I went to smoke shop and they screwed it on it heats up. I noticed with the G-tank there's a little bowl on top for the 'trates instead of the tank being open like for the tobacco juice that's the only difference ..
  4. damn .. them tobacco vapsters are getting sick with it with their customized vape pens building them from scratch themselves .. they be acting snobby as hell though ahaha none of them answered my question if its compatible with erl .. I don't think they like dabbers ..

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    what types of vape pens are there? battery operated
    not looking to do oils...only grinded bed
  6. I use a micro g pen. Its easier than having to deal with the cartridges in the full size g pen. Currently vaping some church og wax out of it.
  7. yeah its batteries that last for 3 days without getting charged .. I'm seriously thinking about making my own vape pen for oils that would be dope ..
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    I called Video 94 .. and they told me the vape pens I got were originally for erl so I'm good :lol: yeah the tobacco vapers wouldn't answer my question but I'm sure the tanks are interchangeable .. I'm still gonna make my own vape pen from their ideas its gonna be sicker than the Gpen :twisted: nah, but vape pens are just as interesting if not more than glass pieces .. more practical than an oil rig too .. the tobacco vapers are lights years ahead in how they build their own vape pens ..
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    My 1st time using the vape pen as an oil rig .. I haven't been this high in awhile .. #dabber dabs 420 and I got bomb asada tacos from Senor Baja"s too ..
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    dabs up! i got my vape pen worked like a G-Pen! I gotta work on dunking my dabs its getting messy.. lol it's Durban Poison wax BlackWater OG ... :::wave::hello:::

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