Vape Pens have revolutionized the Stoner Culture!!

Discussion in 'General' started by HashMaster303, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. I'm chillin here puffin Wax out of my G Pen and I started thinking about how much this thing has really helped me out and made my life easier. It's practically smell proof, very portable, and super easy to use! I go everywhere with it and it makes medicating anywhere and everywhere that much easier. I can only imagine how great life would've been in High School had I had one then. I think this is an item that should be in every Stoner's collection. What are your opinions on Vape Pens?

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  2. whoa broooooo

    nice utensilssssssssssss
  3. I'm hating hard right now. Mirin' your little kit you have there.
  4. been considering buying one.. just dropped 3 bills on some glass though lol

    might be a while :(
  5. where these be at yo? headshops? never seen em b4
  6. StoneRage, I did a lot of research on these before actually buying one. I'd personally say the G Pen is the best one because it allows you to use both wax and oils. They're at some head shops, but not all. I'd recommend checking out their website as well as YouTube videos on the G Pen.
  7. Idk if owning a hash pen is worthy of the title Hash Master.
  8. Of course not, the title Hash Master comes from the fact that I only smoke concentrates (Hash). And I've "Mastered" special techniques for making Super Dank ass Hash
  9. Medical states are lucky, they have easy access to wax and other concentrates.

  10. Touche
  11. Is a vape pen any better than an mflb?
    What's the source of heat?

  12. There for concentrates. :smoke:

  13. What's an mflb? And the source of heat comes from a heating element encased in the "G Tank". The heating element is a coil in the ceramic heating element. This is sort of like the "Bowl" of the pen.

  14. Believe me, I know exactly how lucky we are here in CO. Before the sudden Dabbing trends, and all these vape pens, even in medical states many people didn't know about concentrates too much. Now, everyone buys that shit

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