Vape pen wick safety?

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  1. Hey everyone, I just bought a new vape pen and had some questions about the safety of the wick before I use it and can't return it. I was shopping around for awhile before deciding on which one to buy, because a lot of the vape pens on the market have plastic components, which will leach toxic and carcinogenic chemicals into your vapor. Other pens will use different low quality components such as aluminum or unsafe materials for the wick, the reason why I'm asking for opinions. I ended up buying the Dabbler by VaporBrothers because they're known for making some of the most top quality and health conscious vaporizers on the market. The Dabbler is made of medical grade stainless steel, the heating chamber is made of non toxic ceramic, the coil is made of inconel, and it has a glass wick. The wick is the part that concerns me, I've heard before that the wick in a vape pen breaks down over time and I've heard that it could be possible to inhale particles from the wick when you're vaping. Not sure if that's true or not, but I'm worried about the possibility of inhaling glass particles as I'm vaping. Has anyone heard of people inhaling particles from their wick while vaping, or does anyone on here own a Dabbler and could share their experience with it? One thing I'm planning on doing just to be safe is to put a pipe screen on the inside of the mouthpiece so that it would catch any particles from the wick just in case that might happen.

  2. Vaporbrothers makes good stuff, and I've been looking into the Dabbler for a while. I decided not to get it though, as my preferences are and W9/Uptech

    I have never used that specific cartridge, but when you get it (if you don't already have it), dry fire it at low voltage for a second (don't make it glow) and see if it offgasses. If it doesn't, then just go on your taste and how your lungs and throat feel after use.

    I know how a pure, clean dab tastes like, and i know how oxidation, butane, and other impurities taste as well.

  3. I already have the dabbler but haven't used it yet, I'll try dry firing it at low voltage and see what happens. It said that the temperature regulator in the dabbler is custom programmed so that its at the optimal temperature for best flavor and most efficient vaporization. The mouthpiece separately unscrews so I'll probably put a pipe screen in there just to be safe.

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