Vape Pen tips for Beginner?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Neph96, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Hey blades, I've been a toker for some years now, and I'm interested in getting a vape pen. The only problem is, I don't know shit. So can any of you reccomend some vape pens, and give me a little info on how to use a vape pen?
    PS- I tried searching for a thread like this, but I couldn't find anything.

  2. I'd love a good beginners guide !
  3. I myself have been looking for a vape pen for the last couple of months, i have concluded that if you want to vape oils or waxes your are in luck. But due to the flaws in every single vape pen i have seen you cannot use them to vaporize dry herbs. They get too hot and and burn
  4. The only pen I know of that is out right now that will actually vape your herbs is called the T-vape. Here's a link to that. Any others have a coil at the bottom and if there's no separation it will burn your herbs.
  5. Thanks.
    I don't mind vaping wax, so I'll probably get one that works with that. You guys have any reccomendations for dab/wax vape pens that are good and not too expensive (around 50 or so)?
  6. Just know some are made for oils and some are made for herbs, don't use em for the wrong purpose, but I love the g pen for oil, cheap and easy
  7. G pens are 50 or some headshops sell the e cigs with oil dome attachment, they hold more oil but aren't as discreet
  8. I got a cloud pen. Works well. Have a pax by ploom. Works well but the wax gummed it up so i got a pen

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  9. I bought a o pen from my dispensary. They work as promised but i find the oils kind of weak. Any have some suggestions?

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  10. Try to build your own vape pen, rather than buying a packaged one. Mine was $50 with 2 vapor domes and 2 heating elements. For wax, get a rope style heating element. You heat it while applying wax to the element to saturate the rope. Put on the dome and take your hit. You might get higher than ever if you get the correct parts. I would avoid vaping herb because you probably want to get high, at least.  :ey:
  11. I picked up a G pen micro, shit's awesome. It's easy to work with, too. Take off the mouthpiece, load your oil, click 5 times to turn it on, press and hold to hit, release and finish the hit and then call it a day after a few more rips. 
  12. Had the cloud pen for roughly two months now. I use it for wax and co2 oil. Could pen works great. And u can replace the heating element.

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  13. You can check the first link in my sig for more info on TONS of different vapes. Ignore the OP as our vape pens have seriously advanced.  
  14. The G pen or Elips vape pen 

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