Vape Pen for Wax and Oil?

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  1. So I have some wax, which I believe is also called oil.

    Well, I have heard some people saying put a dab of that on a vape pen. Is a vape pen the same thing as a e cigarette, because I am confused over this?

    I know the quality of traditional vaporizers determines the quality of the hits you get, but is this true of wax and oil as well? Can someone recommend me a cheap vape pen that handles oils and was, very well?

    I am assuming the more expensive ones like Mighty and Firefly handle them well? Thinking of getting a mighty or firefly II, although its kinda expensive, and I am trying to keep the spending down.
  2. I bought an ego vape pen called a "Deluxe Glass Globe Aromatherapy Kit With Matching Case". It was $24 on Amazon when I bought it, but the price has gone up. I'm a total beginner with vape pens and wax. This one works OK. The problem I have is if you put your wax in the atomizer where the wick is mine just melts out all over the atomizer if I'm trying to take it anywhere. I'm sure there's a simple solution. I does fine to just load and smoke, but to load and carry it doesn't do so well.
  3. I definitely want to be able to take it around with me. And yea, some wax can be ridiculously sticky .The current stuff I have is like that. For some reason much stickier than anything I have had previously. Spilling out, would be a nightmare.

    That's the kinda price I am looking for too. I mean, i will eventually get a Mighty or Firefly II. But I am wondering, would a Mighty give you better results than something like your ego vape pen?

    I am thinking with wax and oil, the smoking results are a lot more consistent across different pens.
  4. Is a vape pen and e cigarette different things?

    How do you know if a vape pen handles vax?
  5. They have pens made for the concentrates. I use a CloudV (cloudvapes) but I have used a GPen Atmos to name a few. They all work well.

    E cig pens and aren't really set up for wax. They do have attachments you can buy to ensure they work better with the wax.

    Hope this helps!
  6. I don't believe the mighty and firefly vape concentrates, though I could be wrong I believe those are flower vapes. You want a vape pen, the brand I prefer is PuffCo as I have gone through quite a few different ones and PuffCo has by far been the best. IMO stay away from gpen and cloud
  7. I recommend a dab rig.. if you dont have that money pens work but thwyre just so faulty when you go cheap. If you end up heading to a local headshop ask for an extra universal battery. When the $30 piece of shit breaks youll thank me.

    Im not trying to knock pens or anything but theyre unreliable, messy and a bitch. The difference between a wax pen and e cig pen? E cig pens take liquid at the top instead of there being coils
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  8. The new puff co all the way

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  9. I haven't gotten a chance to try the new one yet by the first one I bought a year ago is still working like a champ.

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