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    Needs: smell as little as possible, dry herb, and packs a hit.... Nosy wife caught me today and I'm trying to figure out a way to not smell like smoke. Helppppppopp!!!

    What options do I have... Is what I'm hoping for even exist? Cost isn't that important if I can get what I'm looking for. Prefer not to have to grind bud unless I have to. Size isn't important either, as long as it's not gigantic...

    Speed is important as well, faster the better I guess... Healthier is always a plus...
  2. Either you can eat edibles or you can get a vape a true vape that doesn't combust the mj gonna be expensive for a nice one like 100 plus dollars that's the only chance you got I absolutely love mine takes about a minute or two to heat up but so high and so much healthier
  3. be honest with yer wife
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  4. Would you suggest one in particular? I don't care much about the cost... Not 500$ of course, lol

    I would love healthier
  5. You could get the pax 2 but it's about 250 I have the ipuff flower and I paid 130 at a head shop and made right here in Denver :)
  6. click here or here or this here is my favorite but less stealthy
  7. Dude im not too sure about those most of them are butane powered I wouldn't wanna breathe that crap
  8. mebe the hammer but read up on air intake angles on lotus
  9. Ill give you that it sounds good in theory its just much easier to have a battery powered one plug it in and that's it no messing with the butane
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  10. Stealth is not a need. It can look like a regular ecig thing... So vapeing is more healthy?
  11. Multiple doctors have stated that aside from eating it vaping marijuana is the safest way to consume marijuana because your not inhaling the carcinogens and the tar from burning the plant material hope this helps and happy vaping!
  12. Pax 2 or firefly 2?
  13. Def the pax 2 there's just things that the pax does better for now like temp control the firefly doesn't have temp control and what temp you vape at makes a difference because once you go over like 390 or 395 the plant starts releasing small amounts of carcinogens but not all bad as it still won't have the tar and plant matter in your lungs
  14. Are you talking about the firefly 2? Not the original one, this one is apparently being released May 16
  15. Get a pax 2, it's the stealthiest and you can ghost your hits, smell is minimal too.

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