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Vape or Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I am going to buy one of the two once summer starts up. Im going to spend around 140. Should I buy a bong or vape? The factors im considering are,

    1. Where can I hide a 2 foot bong? (Still live w/ parents that know I smoke, I still got to keep it low key though).
    2. Do vapes get you a lot higher than an ice bong? (never used vape but used bongs)
    3. How much more bud does a vape conserve that if I used a bong? (Figure just 1 bowl)
    4. Are electric vapes good? (Thats all my headshop has and cant buy online)
    Thanks, please go into detail w/ answers, I would love to own both but dont know which to get first.
  2. he bong, you might conserve a lil weed with the vape, but i used to have one, and i would much prefer the bong. as for hiding it just put it under your bed if your parents aren't going to be snooping around.

  3. Yeah thats what I was thinking, but I smoke alot during the day when they are there, I think it would be a pain to always need to empty water and everything after every use.

    Under my bed is where all my stuff is now, and never any problems, I guess I could put it in a backpack or something though....

    Are vapes really a better high compared to bongs?

  4. A little? With the right vape, you can conserve a LOT. How 'bout 3 to 4 big rips from just 0.025g !!!!

  5. It's a different high. More of an energetic cerebral high.

    Depends on the vape. Some vapes conserve weed better than others, but all conserve weed better than bongs.

    Most electric vapes are great, but some electric vapes are not.
  6. Thanks, this is what I needed to hear, think I will gop w/ a vape, dont have the place for a bong now, someday though! haha
  7. i made a lightbulb vape not too long ago and the high was so much better than a smoking high. It was clear, energetic, and i did not feel too tired afterwords like a would with smoking.
    i have a Vaporbrothers vape on the way, i just placed my order yesterday.
  8. Lightbulbs do get the job done but whenever i make one and use it I always feel like im smoking crack or something.. It's just not a thing of beauty to have a lightbulb coated black sitting around.:rolleyes:

    And there are some really great vapes out there, but watch out for imposters. Seems like vapes became something like bongs in the way theres some really cheap bongs that get the job done, but eventually break. But they are easily fixable, you buy a cheap vape and it breaks it could be anything from the heating element to the whip/whatever.

    Not saying all cheap vapes are a bad buy.. But why mess with it when you know you can get something quality and proven to be awesome.

    I bought a volcano back in january and haven't regret spending a single cent on it.
  9. Vape FTW!! I picked up my vaporizor in December and I haven't used my bong once since. I absolutely love it. You save tons of cannabis and your lungs thank you each and every day. The high is better, in my opinion. Perhaps because of the higher efficiency rate (no flame to torch the plant matter. No smoke is lost to the atmosphere). If I were you, with my experiences in the last 6 months, there would be no question in my mind. Vape FTMFW!!
  10. okay bongs are okay if you arent worried about smell
    but vapes require more knowledge (temp, time, etc)

    vapes can break and you prob will spent anywhere from $100-$500 dollars the best are these 2 kinds


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    They can, but so can bongs.

    While these two are good vapes, there are about a dozen other vapes that can be added to this list as well and depending on your priorities, there are some that are better than the two shown here.


  12. Im not sure the name brand vape at my local head shop, but i know it costs 135 dollars. The guy said its a good buy and this specific one is usually more expensive other places. I pretty much trust this guy, has never failed me before, but what do you think, will a 135 dollar vape do me good? or will it break 2 months after getting it? b/c I want this for a long time.

    Also it looks like the box vape in the pic above. Can anyone give me a quick guide how to use it, I know almost nothing about vapes other than they get you really high.

  13. Get the brand name and post it up here BEFORE you buy it.
  14. For the money you're going to spend, I would get a bong. You'll get a much nicer bong for $140 than vape. Even when you get to like the Volcano range (which I love - great taste, great efficiency, great high, but $$$) I think that I still prefer a bong. There's just something about smoking weed that you just don't get when you vaporize it.
  15. I own the VaporBrothers vaporizer, which is in the bottom picture (the brown box and tubing). I love it, but you have to understand how it works and compare that with your smoking method.

    The vaporizer takes time to warm up and actually vape. Putting a good-size bowlpack, you can be vaping for 20-30 minutes, if not longer. My girl and I will watch a whole episode of 30 Rock and still be vaping, so if you need to smoke up quick, vaping wouldn't work, at least not with the VaporBros.

    However, it can be concealed well, and can be nice for quiet, slow vaping at night. You can have it right next to your computer or bed, and just suck on the whip. There's no lighting of anything so it's very easy once the bowl is packed. And there's no smell. You won't have to worry at all about parents smelling it.

    I would not recommend a large bong due to your living arrangements. You don't have a lot of space and you don't want to have to worry about your whole closet smelling like bongwater. I would recommend, if not a vaporiser, a bubbler. They're small and still hit smooth like a bong. And you can get a really nice one for $140.
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    hey bro, i live in the RI area aswell, one question i do have is what shop you going too?

    Is it "swords and incense"?

    If it is i just wanna warn you they are "Top Vapor" (VP-100) vaporizers that are made in china and alot of people have had a bad expirence with them, i bought one about 2 months ago without doing much research and got lucky, mines still working fine:smoking: and personally i think it works fine, i don't smell any nasty fumes and it smokes fine, i can get 2 or 3 hits off less then a .1

    PS: oh yea i'm not trying to bash the guy who works there he's pretty cool shit but i do remember him mentioning that the 125$ i paid was a good deal, only to find them on ebay for about 50$ with a free grinder ^.^

  17. What up, where is swords and incense? I go to "ethnics" There is one in South Kingstown and Providence.

    People are telling my the high is different, how is it different? People have been telling me its an energetic high, do you guys mean like a good body high or im just really energetic? b/c I love a good body high, but also just like that couch lock feeling as well.
  18. #18 phrost, Jun 3, 2009
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    ok, ethnic concepts is alright, they are a chain-store tho. (And theres also another in Newport)

    I would grab the name of the vaporizer they are selling and post here like someone suggested just to be sure its a legit one.

    They have been known to sell fake Roor's at crazy prices claiming they are real ones:(
    but with a vape you should be able to tell right away by the box and name.

    I can post some boxshots of the box mine came in if you'd like, just so you know what to not buy :D

    As for swords and incense it's down near RWU in Bristol, RI. :smoking:

    Edit: oh yea as for the high, i find that when i vape i feel more like going out and riding my bike and exploring or something. Compared to a bong hit of the same stuff, which puts me on the comp or couch for hours

  19. haha ok so your on other side of the state.. not like its that far but still..haha

    Thats messed up w/ the roors, I was looking at some today there. Im going to call tommowrow and ask the brand of the vape.
  20. haha yea, it's nuts that we think of the other side of RI as far, when its really peanuts compared to any other states. Sounds like a good idea to callup first and find out:hello:
    Let us know how ya make out :wave:

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