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Vape or bong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tRayn Wreck, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Alright, in 39 days I get off papers and I'm looking for the best way to celebrate the day. I'm so excited, I got a new perc bong and DB vaporizer just for it. My question is this: should my first toke be with the bong or the vape? I've been on paper for three years so I have a VERY low tolerance. I really don't know much about vaporisers. I had one in highschool but I never noticed a significant difference.

  2. I'd rip the bong then when you need a top up use the vape :smoking:
  3. Whys this even a question!? Milking up a fat bong rip will always be more satisfying than pushing a button down.. in my opinion ;)

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  4. I got a bong and a Vapor yesterday.
    I prefer vaping because it utilizes just a fraction of marijuana I would have normally used while smoking.

    The vape because it uses a fraction of the weed I would normally smoke. I can get a great amount of vapor from just .05 grams of bud. The taste is pure and is great throughout. Due to combustion taking place at low temperatures, there is no tar or ash to spoil your taste. And the high is so cerebrally spiritual.
    The taste is pure. The weed remains great all the way throughout its flavor. There is no ash or tar to funk up the taste.

    Not to mention, vaping is much healthier for your body. A bong would eat up the entire marijuana whereas vape will steadily consume the weed. I do not encounter any cough issue during vaping. My buddy too uses the same and he likes it very much.
  5. I would always take the bong. Without large clouds of smoke floating around there'd be something missing
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  6. Personally, I find hitting a bong to be much more satisfying than vaping. Vaping is far healthier than combustion, but I like getting hits that I can feel swell up my lungs to capacity. I can't get that with a vape.
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