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  1. Hello all I am about to invest in a new piece and I was wondering which would be better for conservation cuz i've never owned a bong or a vaporizer. my everyday piece is a dugout and sometimes a gravity bong, i know i'm broke haha, my budget is $150 and i was thinking about the mflb, does it conserve well or are there any vapes in my price range that conserve/perform betta? I know neither will be as skin-flinty as a dugout or gb ha, but this is a big investment for me and i was just wondering if any of you kindred spirits had any advice to what'll give me the best bang fo' my buck, any feedback is appreciated thanks!
  2. I'd say get the Extreme Q vape on Ebay (usually around $145)
  3. woo hoo! :metal: VAPING!! :metal: id save $164 and get the solo from amazon or wherever...

    great portable vape...great to use for a couch sesh or something at home too!

    extreme q is another quality suggestion from fuckin lahey. :laughing:
  4. Vaping is the way to go but only if you can afford a really good one like a Volcano ($600) with your budget i would get a small bong with a perc and an ice catcher and if you can afford it get a carbon diffuser and diffused down stem.
  5. ^^Nope. Lots of quality vapes well below that... The one I mentioned and a bunch other arizer eq
    MFLB to start..

    Volcano is the best bag delivery system no doubt, but plenty of other great vaporizers for cheaper
  6. +1 on the Solo.

    Unless you really want a bong for those big hits, then I'd say vaping would be best since it conserves so much.
  7. Get a vape, saves you so much weed.

  8. REALLY good vapes can be had for much less than half of what a Volcano costs.
  9. Im vapor bonging with my extreme-Q right now.
  10. I got an arizer solo for $150 with free 2 day shipping and an acrylic grinder on ebay I just got it yesterday and I already love, I also bought a $300 left coast 9mm bong and I love that thing as well but I say go with the vape it's a lot more practical for most people
  11. Thanks for all the feedback, i'm looking at a solo and an extreme q on ebay and they both cost 139, not sure which way i'll go but they both seem good so ain't even stressin
  12. Vape conserves more, bong is more fun in my opinion. Both will get you ripped just in a different way.
  13. You can't go wrong with either, but I prefer vapes. Get a desktop like the da Buddha and it'll hit you like a motherfucker. And then you save the vaped remains, and you can make edibles with it! It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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