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    Hey everyone, I just bought my first vape pen. The pen I bought is a tvape 2.0 I have used it and it does not get me high. It isn't the weed or me because I took some weed out of my vape and smoked out of my pipe and was high off about 1 bowl maybe a little less. So I was just asking if anyone out there could help me. Thank you an advance
  2. Need more info. What does the weed look like after vaporization? What temp is it set on? Are you grinding your weed? Do you see visible vapor on exhale?
  3. So about that, after vaporization the weed is just a little black. The temp is untouched at 390. Yes the weed is grinded. I see vapor clouds only on like 5 or 6 puffs then no more vapor comes out but there is still weed in the oven
  4. Black? That doesnt sound right. Can you throw up a pic? I havent used the 2.0 version of this vape so im not sure what changes they have made.
  5. I'm sorry I don't have a pic now but it is something like this just a little more burnt

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  6. It probably needs to be stirred at the point where you don't see anymore vapor. Also the finer you grind it the better it Vapes. If you can't grind it up fine enough with your grinder, vape it until it dries the stir it to crumble it up more and this should produce more vapor.

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  7. Maybe it is because it is a pen. Last i heard they still don't properly vape

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