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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by VapeLife Wes, Oct 23, 2014.

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    VapeLife Wes
  2. So how about those Yankees ?
  3. Haha they're doing well

    VapeLife Wes
  4. Vaporize or gtfo.
  5. Without vaping I wouldn't be able to toke in public discreetly.
    No they aren't
  7. Sarcasm man haha what kind of vape do you have?

    VapeLife Wes
    pinnacle pro, MFLB, underdog, da buddha
  9. do you have the adaptable water tool for your pinnacle?

    VapeLife Wes
  10. Sup.. vaping with my Sublimator right now..  I don't even combust anymore unless its by accident..
  11. I hope you wouldn't combust your botanicals on purpose but the sublimate rips face

    VapeLife Wes
  12. ¤

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    Yea but I never used it..I have a bubbler that I use instead
  14. Does the pnp milk up good with your bubbler? My solo was always rather mediocre in that realm. My HA does much better.
    Hell yea it's so thick it looks like smoke
  16. Hey what's up.
    6:24a.m right now.
    Vaping with my Vapir No2 before I go to sleep...again.
    (No, I didn't wake up just to vape :p)
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    Just got a Da Vinci Ascent and am about to try the bong adapter looks great on my Roar ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414453366.492083.jpg

    VapeLife Wes
  18. I have one of those adapters too and idk but it really makes me nervous to let it hang like that. That glass is not very thick and I worry it will break under the weight of the ascent. Of course I have no reason to worry as im yet to hear it breaking when used like that but I still worry.
  19. yes the ascent looks huge on the glass stem and looks like it could break but I have yet to here any stories of broken adapters

    VapeLife Wes
  20. Vaping>Everything else

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