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  1. Hello GC! Today I will be sharing MY method and calculations for vape juice. If there’s anything that should be corrected, let me know.

    - Your choice of concentrate (not dry concentrate [that has plant matter in it] as this could/will clog your atomizer thing (Wax,shatter,crystalline,crumble,qwiso,etc.)

    - Your PG (I use Wax Liquidizer from their website. It’s pretty cheap and they got tons of flavors. No I am not a spokesman)

    - Shot Glass (If you order from WL you get one with the kit)

    - Needle (Blunt please, don’t want other drugs. WL also gives this to you in the kit)

    [Microwave Steps]

    1. Drop the concentrate into the shot glass
    You can use a 2:1
    (2mL of WL to 1g of concentrate) <I use 1:1 because stronger is better for me>

    2. Pour your PG mixture in shot glass covering the concentrate
    (2mL:1g or 1mL:1g <going lower will make it thicker and not all vapes can “accept” thick liquid>)

    3. Pop that in the micro! 10 sec!

    4. Pop it out! Mix that gunk with the needle (make sure you don’t get any concentrate inside the needle because it’ll be hard to get it out)

    5. Mix until it turns into a liquid with no visible chunks

    6. Pull that out with the needle.

    7. Pour into your tank or atomizer. (I use pens so yeah)

    [Double Boiler Method]

    If you’ve ever made anything requiring this, you should know how this would work without me explaining it.

    Double Boiler Method: The act of having hot (or boiling for faster but dangerous) water in one pot, while having a smaller container inside it, with your desired material inside the smaller container, thus having no direct access to flame leaving it richer.

    *currently procrastinating*

    1. Get a pot, put water, get it until water begins evaporating or just until it’s hot enough......

    2. Place your shot glass, with PG and concentrate already inside.

    3. PG will get hot, concentrate will be easily dissolved once you begin mixing with the needle.


    4. Suck mixture up with needle (if the juice cools down too much, it could get harder and difficult to pour out / full in your tank / atomizer)

    5. Toke toke!

    [Great Ratios]

    2mL : 1g (For beginners and dose up your dose...(?))
    1mL : 1g (Intermediate Users)
    .5mL:1g (new phone who dis)
    1.5-1.75mL:5g (Could this be a dab)

    If using a flavored PG liquid, I would suggest obtaining concentrate with the highest percentage of THC/CBD as you’ll get a flavor of PG and almost none of the concentrate.
  2. I have never needed anything except wax and PG - 2ml pg mixed with 1 gram of wax - put in it a glass dropper bottle put the lid on loose, set in a pot of water and let it warm up.

    shake it a couple of times, put it back in the water, shake a couple more times and your good.

    Experience? 6 years in vape industry
  3. It’s the same exact thing we’re doing. just that i like to keep it nice and organized. unlike nonstop shaking. yucky.

    Experience? 6 days studying.

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