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<--Vape idiot

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XPiperX, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I've always been intrigued by the concept of a vaporizer.. And I understand how it works.. Heats the weed to a certain temperature to activate ONLY the THC into a vapor, and it is inhaled, leaving a virtually odorless cloud of pretty much pure THC.

    But I've never understood how to USE one- As far as the bags go, where do you put the bud to heat it up? And I'm actually REALLY interested in getting what I've heard called a "vape bowl" for my bong, though I have no idea how that works either... Only reason I haven't just looked on the internet is this, is because I trust experienced blades about these kinds of things more than any other source.

    Thanks for the info :smoke:
  2. Well xPiperx, the location of where the bud is on the vaporizer is going to vary based on make/model of vape, but the concept is the same so the bud would have to be somewhere close to the heating element, whereever that is on your vape.

    Second, vape bowls. I haven't personally used them but they seem like an excellent idea, considering you take the vape tube directly to the vape bowl and then you can let your bong's chamber fill with vap and hit it instead of using those bags ( You can only get so many uses out of those bags and they are kinda pricey to replace.)

    I hope that helped you out some. Oh and BTW, if you are going to get a new vape, you get what you pay for, so in regards to that, the Volcano Digital Vape is the Top of the line vape thats out now and its $669.00

    I hope that helped out some

  3. You have, though I'm broke- I only smoke regs, so I doubt I'll see myself getting one anytime in the enar future, and I couldn't justify spending that much money on anything that wasn't a car. But for sure, thanks for the info.
  4. Make one using a light bulb man. I made a full system out of one. I'm even sure you can just stick the light bulb vape into a bong and use it as a slide. Google "light bulb vaporizer" for directions.
  5. I always leave my vape on, for like 20 minutes at a time.

    Vape Warez VaporCannon

  6. i think volcanos are great, but they're way too expensive and as mentioned, you have to factor in bag replacements.

    i'm more interested in cheaper $200 whip systems, but i THINK i've been hearing snippets about heat gun vaporizers that sound sort of like hair dryers blowing into a bong's bowl. that sounds like a cool system.

    from what i understand about vaporizers though is that temperature is very important. optimum is 360 degrees, just 5 degrees below burning temperature. too hot, the bud burns.

    i can't picture even a heatlamp bulb getting that hot. from what i've read, insufficient temps don't vaporize a bud fully.

    a really popular vaporizer that's at least a couple hundred cheaper than the volcano is the vapezilla. it's still expensive, but it won an high times award and is one of another author's favorites.

    speaking of walmart, wouldnm't it be funny to see chinese made vaporizers there for just $20?

  7. Whip systems work great. I reccomend one.
  8. Just make sure you buy a decent one. I paid 130 for a whip system that worked once because I got stoned and left it on. Most newer vapes turn off automatically this one didn't. But when it did worked I was really, really high.

    Vapes kick ass, they are susceptible to breaking like everything else.
  9. I'd rather NOT be inhaling mass amounts of lead :p And a buddy of mine got one of those BC vapes.....i love it, no bags to work with, no long hoses to tangle up or trip over....really simple and does a great job of getting me roasted.....
  10. i bought a vapor brothers a while ago and now i am an advocate for it. the system is just great, simple and looks beautiful. all it has is the box, a temperature knob and the whip. its really easy to set up and use and gives you a great value out of your weed because it takes so little to get you baked. its also great with other people, and its practically indestructible. for about 150 its really your best choice.
  11. those BC vapes are complete shit but for a soldering iron with a mason jar of sorts slapped on top with no temp control it falls in that 'cheap' range

    avoid those silly vapor pipes (the ball you toss nug in or the ubie pipe/ect) and if you wanna try the BC try ebay

    you can find 'em for under 30 bucks which is about all they're worth but they def. do make the most use of regs

    load a fat dish full and let it heat up then go ape on all the charred vape/smoke they put off till the bowl is all black 'n crunchy lather rinse 'n repeat till you're baked

    you'll avoid the smoke and some of the green plant taste of regs while using less but it's not gonna be a true vape rather a charring dome with a tube in it to suck the oily char mist
  12. I've heard a lot of good things about the vaporstar bowl. Just stick it in a GonG, light it, and wait to heat it up. Temp control is manual with the lighter.

    I've yet to hear anything negative about it. I'm going to buy one eventually as a first vape.
  13. whatever you do, be wary of vaporizer rating forums. i found a page that listed about 8 seperate pages that were supposedly fakes planted by a certain company. i'm inclined to believe it because the page i was at couldn't hotlink to a single one of the pages.

    i never trust advertising hype. that's what forums like this are for... getting the real lowdown on gear from people with no ulterior motives.

    i definately agree that temp control is a must have feature for optimum vaporization.

    i just can't see how any manufacturer can charge over $200 for what amounts to a $1 heating element, a $2 potentiometer (not counting digital controllers... maybe $10?) and a few metal and plastic parts? a vaporizer is basically a glorified easy bake oven.

    vaping is definately the ultimate though. i'm definately getting one at harvest time!
  14. [​IMG]

    Just bought this a few days ago. The high is very different, so i think i might not be doing it right. Any tips anyone? What temperature should it be set at? How long before i turn on the fans? How many bags should each bowl/disk give me.
  15. I love smoking weed more than most things, but there's no way in hell I'm paying more than 120$ at the very most for a piece. The headshop I usually go to has high-quality bongs and shit for like 40$ and vaporizers for 90$, and they work really good, too.

  16. Then you obviously have different priorities. My experience with vapes under $200 is that they break easily. Besides if I am smoking top of the line weed, I am not going to smoke it out of a middle of the line bong.

    Also peoples definition of high-quality varies dramatically when it comes to most things.
  17. probably one of the reasons they're so expensive is because they're manufactured in such low volumes, but i also think a part of it is just that people are willing to spend so much on them.

    the one i smoked out of was a $500+ volcano that the owner was proud of.

  18. When I say high-quality, I mean they hit huge and smooth and don't break easily. Plus, I've used a Volcano before, and I've used the 90$ no-name vapes they have at the shop, and the only difference that my friends and I can find is the size, shape and price of the unit.
  19. this is why the only logical choice is a euro made (swiss for the most part) heatgun

    I've never had thicker chambers of vapor off anything but and it'll leave the bud looking green but dry instead of the uneven crap you get with commercial units (even the cano has that heat retaining shaft that holds the screens together to cause charring)

    lol why? cuz themocoupled grade a heatguns are designed to force air of any temp through things with real time tip temp control

    net result when used on any bowl designed for it or fitted with a reducer is perfect looking 1st vap run shit and a lung fulla the best milky vapor money can buy

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