Vape High - Wheres my Body Buzz?

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  1. Recently purchased a new vape (have had the MFLB and original DV in the past), the DV Ascent!
    Really liking it, however I've run into the same problem I had with my other vapes:
    I never used to be able to pinpoint what I felt was "missing" from vape highs against smoking highs until I got this unit, with much more experience under my belt than what I had before. Yes, I get some relaxation in my body, but no full body fuzzy tingly warmth that I would expect from taking a bong rip!
    I'm planning to get the water tool adapter for it in hopes that by vaping with a bong the larger hits will get me closer to the high I've become accustomed to! Also gonna look into the VXC Evo.
    Anybody else feel this way? Can anybody say if a stronger desktop vape would fill this void?

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  2. As I mentioned over at FC where you posed the same question, when you combust, you are creating and inhaling toxins like benzine and carbon monoxide that contributes to that body high.     Anyone who desires to make the switch from smoking to vaping really should totally abstain from smoking at all for a period of about 3 to 4 weeks so that you can wean yourself off of those toxins.    Just vape during that time period.    Most people will make that transition to vaporizing and really like it, but there are some who cannot be satisfied unless they're taking in those toxins I mentioned above.
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  3. Maybe its just me but i felt no difference at all between vaping and smoking
    Not just you.   We're all wired a bit differently, but yeah, I didn't feel the difference either, but many people do.
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    your body buzz comes from eating the abv from your vape sessions. abv = high CBD = body high. vaping does not extract all of the high heat sedative compounds in the plant. check out cannabinoids and research extracting cannabinoids with a vape, it talks of what cannabinoids extract at what temp...
    another thing, when you vape high CBD low THC strains you will get more body buzz or try and get cured out pot that is a few years old- that stuff will couch lock your ass!!
    There u go
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  6. It's been my experience that if I really want the body buzz, or better yet pain relief, I have to turn my vape up to a higher temp. To get those CBDs @[member="Galaxy420"] mentioned, they are released at a higher temperature.
  7. Missing that body high a bit, I prefer my head high but that body high was nice when I really wanted to chill, hoping eating some abv will do something, Ive got about 6 grams of abv and want to bake something when I have about a half ounce
  8. I like not having the body high with my vape. I've gotten high from my mflb before and then worked out soon after no problem.
  9. Yea I guess I'm one of those lucky people who enjoys the high from a vape better than the high from smoking, though I haven't hit a bong in like 2 months which I want to try again soon. I feel like the vape high is just much stronger than the smoking high and I get there with less bud which is nice.
  10. Between 320 and 365 degrees.
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  11. Why hasnt anyone tried telling the OP to simply up the temp?
    You guys suuuuck
  12. The main psychoactive has a lower boiling point than the other cannabinoids that are tied to the body high expierence.
  13. i'd say turn up the temp to A LITTLE above 400F, then work your way up to maybe 440F, then like you said attach to your bong.  I use a volcano digit and just rigged this up using an E-Cig tank piece i had lying on my desk, works really nicely, but the key is those higher temps.
    my Bong rigged for vaping with the Volcano Digit
  14. Turn the temp up skyward of 400 Fahrenheit, get some CBDs.
  15. max setting on the solo doesnt do anything for me, Im assuming people recommending upping temp are desktop users?
  16. Go up in temp OP, your ABV should be a dark brown.
    The main psychoactive has a lower boiling point than the other cannabinoids tied to the body high expierence.
  17. If your ABV comes out dark brown.
    Youve pretty much boiled off all the cannabinoids. If youre still not getting that stoned feeling than im assuming that it can only be the toxins taht are missing.
    The browning has nothing to do with the degree of extraction.
    The EVO puts out a relatively light brown ABV but if you keep hitting it, you get nothing. The ABV from the Sub is also a mixture of light to dark brown.
    Browning is due to chlorophyll escaping the plant matter. With a powerful enough vape you can extract everything long before it gets dark brown.
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    Here is a pic of some ABV from an EVO and it is far from light brown:
    I've been in the vape game for a relatively long time and this is the very first time I have ever heard the statement that the color of your ABV has nothing to do with the degree of extraction.    Of course, while I may very knowledgeable about this topic, I am always open to learn something new.
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