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Vape high different?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by gizmoguy, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Do you get a different high when you vaporize, compared to when you smoke? I was just wondering because I thought this would be the case as I'd expect you to not get all of the cannabinoids (or different ratios) when you vape, compared to smoking.
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  3. Yes, and for the reasons you stated along with one other thing. When you vape you also are not taking in all those toxins that are in smoke and that can also contribute to that "smoke" high.
  4. Yeah, the high is more cerebral and less of a couch lock high.
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    Yes, what everyone else has said.

    A "clean" flavor.
    A "clean" high.


    Its wonderful.

  6. When you smoke it and inhale all the carcinogens it paralyzes the cilia (little microscopic hair looking things) in your lungs and it gives you somewhat of a better body high and different feeling than vaporizing. When you smoke and it does paralyze the celia, this is bad for the lungs and can cause build up and sometimes pneumonia after continuous smoking. The extra "high" you feel is actually one of the effects of smoking weed that's bad for you. Vaporizing is much healthier than smoking and it's said to be the 100% healthy way of inhaling to get THC into your body. I vaporize every day and i got my lungs tested at the doctor and my lungs are actually a lot better than average.
  7. Yes it's a different high but not necessarily a better high. I like to smoke before I vape just because I enjoy that high more. Vaping alone just makes it seem like something is missing.

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