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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Windy5000, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Hello there :)

    Would like some advise on a portable or tabletop vape. Used to own the original portable pax which was great until the temp button got stuck and the mouth piece made the unit malfunction. Looking back, i felt the unit was rather harsh on my lungs.

    Preferably need something with cooler hits, considering the cloudious9. If anyone has this vape are you able to recommend it?
  2. Da Vinci IQ 2, Firefly 2, Mighty Vape
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  3. dont buy stems for the rasta buddha on that site theire stealing from u a stem is worth less than a dollar on mountainglassworks... for a nice tabletop all i can suggest is the da buddha i never shopped for vapes since i have it. I have about 10 buckets that i can alternate got all 10 on mountainglass (7th floor sells these buckets at thirty times the price just like the rasta buddha ones)
  4. link??
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    looks like its exactly the same glass Chinese Color Ground Joints

    however i dunno why the rastabuddha seems to use 18mm i never saw that anywhere only heard off 10, 14, 19 mm

    i think the da buddha standard are german glass (schott I think) also offered on the same website
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  6. 14mm and 18mm are standard in the US. You occasionally see 10mm, but accessories are harder to find. Ime, 19mm is usually said in reference to a piece meant to fit onto/into an 18mm joint as opposed to the joint itself.

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    Thanks, good resource! I seen that site before and was clicking through it.. I never found any of the joint pieces lol
  8. you get 10 for 50 bucks shipped instead of only 1 from 7th floor however some may not have an edge inside to sit a screen on so better get a few different makes and colors (the 19/22 ones are just as good as the 19/26 only a quarter inch shorter)
  9. it depends on how hot you set it. drag slow low heat = thick vapor . drag quick high heat = thickvapor the fan doesnt do anything special.

    the best way to do a perfect drag is a gravity bong
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  10. I bought a vapexhale made byEvo. love it except for the ergonomics,it's real top heavy with the glass bubbler on it. I have knocked it off and broke the bubbler(replacement $150) so I JB welded it back but is ugly. now I have an adapter with a hose that fits my regular bubbler that has a 18mm female in. couldn't be more pleased. so if yo go this way dont by the kit just get the vape for much less check out there web site and you will get what i'm saying. it's a bomb both weed and concentrates.
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