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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Die Bibel, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Hey all! To give you an idea about myself, I am a crafty stoner, deeply divulged into psychedelics, along with the culture.
    The other day, whilst inhaling my medicine, a thought came to myself. Why are Vapes so over priced?! Why don't they meet all my needs?? WHY DON'T I MAKE ONE!?!?
    Needless to say, plopped down in the seat, went online, and made this account!
    My question for all the members on here, What are you looking for in a vaporizer? What capabilities, specifications, even aesthetics?
    The idea here will be to take what you guys say, and make a few beta Vapes. Test them out and fine tune them, later to be sent to some prime members on here for more testing.
    HAPPY HUNGER GAMES! Pig.jpg  May the Herb be ever in your vapor!

  2. The general idea for this thing:
    ~Small, portable
    ~Adjustable sensitive temp
    ~Balloon fill capabilities
    ~Digital control
    ~Large bowl
    Input is welcome, along with sketches, drafts, ect.
    Once more ideas are contributed, I will generate and post graphics for this Monster
  3. You could try looking at the most popular vapes which currently exist. See what people like and dislike about them. 
    I don't really think a lot of vapes are overpriced by the way, especially in the USA you guys can get great products for very good prices. A lot of he vapes which people recommend on here do not seem overpriced to me, can you explain what you mean by "why are vapes so overpriced?"?
    Are you trying to make a vaporizer which will do everything? What do you mean "Why don't they meet all my needs", what are your needs? If you're trying to make a vaporizer which covers everything you're going to have a hard time I think, especially as "portable" is in your list. I'm thinking it will be pretty pricey too.
    For me pretty much everything I want I can get out of the arizer solo. I think it serves it's primary function (vaporizing) very well and it is portable enough for me. It is decent for conservation, it  has great taste, it is easy to use and clean, it is reliable and sturdy. I can use it around the house or transport it between houses with no issues. I can share it between a couple of people if I want. I do like the look of the "bullets" which are used in the pinnacle pro and I do like that it is sleeker and more portable/stealthy. However these things are not important to me. In an ideal world I would have a desktop unit as well but it isn't actually necessary it would just be me being greedy. 
  4. This all sounds possible.... Except the bag filling capabilities wouldn't be a portable feature... What do I get if I draft a unit that could do all of that? .. But you'd have to fill your bag at home .... Haha

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  5. Drafts are not necessary, though they help with design and conceptualization.. 
    Would disagree with you. I believe there is a solution to make portables, bag capable.. 
    Well, if one were to disassemble a vape, the parts inside are quite inexpensive. MUCH MUCH less than the vape itself.
  6. I was thinking it would be hard to have a fan in the portable and keep it
    Small and stealthy.... So I have an idea where the theoretical fan/ bag attachment would use/ connect to the wall charger adapter , along with the unit itself. Making the bag possible with an putlet( at home) whole keeping the u it small and portable for on the go

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  7. prob a million dollar idea I just gave away... But I'm looking at my pax sitting on it's charger... The charger could have a fan in it... If the pax didn't charge upside down.......
    And had more convection/ airflow through the oven.... The theoretical fan in the charger base could push hot air through a small
    Pax sized unit up into a bag attachment .... Soooo you could fill a bag while charging.....which would be an awesome feature if you have to charge ur portable..... And once charged... Grab it off the fan dock and removed back attachment... Put it in ur pocket and I am officially a genius... I'd at least like a free one.

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  8. Along with quality function and battery life, I'd love to see carbon fiber used in place of plastic etc.  Strictly a cosmetic change.  I wrapped my pax in carbon fiber vinyl, but if it were made out of REAL carbon'd be worth a lot more to me.
  9. Good point. Looks are extremely important ....
    Did u buy that vinyl from eBay?

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  10. Multiple sized bowls

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  11. Big hits on small amounts of weed. Efficiency. 
    Yes but when I buy a vaporizer I am not just paying for the parts. When you sell your vaporizer are you just going to charge people for the cost of the parts? Around what price do you think a portable vaporizer should be? Will your vaporizer be competitively priced alongside existing portable vaporizers?
  13. I'd say for me this would be ideal:
    Small portable
    Digital (and accurate) temperature control
    Small bowl size or large bowl with an adapter for small bowl
    Completely contains herbs so they can't fall out of the vape if you put in in your pocket upside down.

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