Vape battery being dead for to long

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  1. so my friend has a smok alien and he said that if he leaves his battery dead for to long it will break and won't charge. I have a smaller pen vape and I'm wondering if this is true and if I should charge my battery right after it dies
  2. I have 3 Vapes, one was dead for over a year, I charged it the other day and it works fine. Hopefully that answers your question..
  3. Sometimes they go into a sleep mode and you have to hold the button for a few seconds, or tap it 3 - 5 times.

  4. The Smok Alien is a dual 18650 mod with removable batteries. If he leaves dead batteries in there then they will corrode in time but it would have to be a really long time (years) to corrode the internal components.

    Most pens are internal battery mods. If you don't charge it, it's going to die obviously but unless you are really hard on it you should be able to plug it in, even after several weeks or months, charge it back up and keep on trucking.

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  5. Yeah I've noticed that if you leave the batteries close to low and don't let em keep a full charge, the batteries will fail in the smok. Only happened once an all I had to do was swap out the batteries and she was good to go.

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  6. Got one also dead for so long but it works somehow.

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