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  1. I need advice as to which is the absolute best vaporizer pen available on the market for oil concentrates. 
    \nWhich pen will produce the thickest clouds? (I don't care too much about price, just quality). 

  2. Probably a Gentlemen's Vapor Cigarette, check it out yourself
  3. The cloud vape pen. Especially If you want big clouds. It's great quality and value. You will love it.
  4. Not sure for oil, but for flower pax or firefly. 
  5. Gentlemans is good.. But then again a pax or volcano
  6. Possibly the Grasshopper that comes out in February with the oil attachment. Nobody knows how good it will really be and if it's too good to he true but it raised 3x more than what they wanted (300k+ raised) and are going to start creating and shipping in jan/February. I did not donate or buy one yet, i want to see how good it truly is before I purchase it. Check out there video tho, it just looks to good to be true... Can't wait!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. I would stick with an elips style pen like a Cloud or Sutra. You can get them for great prices. 

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