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  1. I need advice as to which is the absolute best vaporizer pen available on the market for oil concentrates. 
    \nWhich pen will produce the thickest clouds? (I don't care too much about price, just quality). 

  2. The cloud vape pen is by far the best IMO
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    honestly, wtf is biggest clouds? 
    that is meaningless in the world of vapes. you can get very f'd up on a completely invisible vapor.
    generally speaking...
    you have two choices a wick-less cart (like made by gentlemen's brands and omicron as an example) or wicks-in-a-cart design provided by atmos, etc.
    if you have your own wax/oils... i'd suggest you go with a battery that will fit a wick-less design cart.
    if you get pre-filled than it's just a matter of getting the right battery. atmos seems to vape ok. you can get an ego c-twist battery and control voltage... but you'll need a thread attachment. and it will look retarded. 
    the sexiest look is gentlemen's brand v2 oil/wax cart + espionage pen. it's going to give you plenty of hits for one night and is more tiny than your typical electronic cigarette. 
    It's not meaningless to cloud-chasers.   While I am totally aware that you can get wrecked on invisible vapor, I LOVE mah clouds.    Guess I'm kind of visual that way, eh?
  5. micro vaped v2 glass dome titanium wires ceramic nail.. huge clouds..[​IMG]
    fair enough i was not considering the aesthetics of the process :) 
    to be honest, i like my clouds as well... but i first look for efficiency and the best bang for the buck. the glass dome would deliver that, as posted above. 

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