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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Senor-Babosa, Aug 26, 2008.


    i don't know how many people here have used one of these, but i've been thinking of buying one. Just to have as a personal stealth piece.

    Are there any other suggestions for smoking devices that don't leave a lot of smell and are easy to stash/keep hidden?

    any help would be appreciated, thanks :D
  2. Looks cool, but I think you'd be constantly repacking the damn thing..
  3. I don't know if I would pay that much for it, but it looks pretty nifty. 3-4 hits off some headies in that thing would do the trick for me if it really worked as a vaporizer.
  4. Decent idea, but as said above, you'd be repacking it every few hits.

    and for 49 euro? Thats like $75.

    I'd buy it for maybe $30.
  5. I'd sooner get a VaporGenie than that. You will burn your weed quite often with the Vapbong simply because the glass transfers heat too fast which makes it very easy to overshoot the vaporization temperature range and hit the combustion temperature. You should try a lightbulb vaporizer first, because they operate exactly the same way. If you get a lot of scorching or smoldering of your weed with the lightbulb vaporizer, you will get the same results from the Vapbong. The VaporGenie has a ceramic (silicon carbide) interface/buffer above the bowl so that it slows the heating of the weed enough to make it much easier to control. I think the original VaporGenie is too big to fit comfortably in your pocket, but the Exotic model is much thinner and should be much easier to conceal.

    Another option is the VaporStar, which is basically just a bowl with a steel heatspreader is placed in the bowl above the weed and serves the same purpose as the VaporGenie's ceramic flame interface/buffer. It mixes the air with the flame and slows it down so that the air is in the cannabinoid vaporization temperature range. It can be used with any bong that uses a 14.5mm joint size, and you can get it with a couple of different mini-bong/glass pipes. The circular one is about pocketsize and would also be easy to conceal.

    I understand why you'd be interested in a pocket vaporizer, because it's about as stealth as you can get. The smell of a vaporizer is much less conspicuous than smoking. People who don't use weed might not even recognize it, and even still, the odor is gone much faster than with smoke. But I'd definitely recommend that you check out the other pipe size vaporizers before you get that one. Not only will it not work very well, but it is more fragile than most and way overpriced too. The VaporGenie goes for $55-60 (depending on Original or Exotic), and the VaporStar goes for $40 with a minibong, $30 for just the bowl. I think you'll find either of them to be a lot easier to use and will probably last longer too.
  6. ive got one of these and thy'er really good! well worth the money, gets you really high :) x
  7. That thing looks like a crack pipe...
  8. I have a VapGenie for the dorm that thing looks dumb
  9. Why is it called a vapbong? I see no water with it.

  10. I was just thinking that...
  11. just packing another.... i really do love this little instrument, its really handy, easy to use and gets you nicely stoned, the only things i would say about it is it needs frequent cleaning (every 10-20 vaps) looks like a crack pipe. apart from those things its amazing, not as good as something like the volcano though, that on a different scale, and about 4x the price
  12. Damn, for $75?!?! May as well go for a Magic Flight Launch Box(MF LB) as its only 100 bucks total!

    Bad design, dumb name, high price....I see no advantage.
  13. uhhh you can get a crackpipe that does the exact same thing for like $5-$10
  14. i bought one, its not bad, but if i could go back i would probably get the mflb, or vaporgenie

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