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Vap or smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjahunter, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I have never tried a vap but i was wondering on everyones opinion on which is better
  2. personally smoking.. i dont like the high i get from vaping
  3. i would also like to know what the difference is?
  4. i dont mind a vap, but i prefer to actually smoke i know whats happening when i smoke it, its kinda dry so it burns, it has thc, i hold a lighter up to , theres smoke, thc is in said a vap is different for me...its like we put it in here, then we do this so that it does this...etc...maybe im old fashoined, but i like to know what im doing to get the end result...

    plus id rather smoke it, its just alot more convientent...
  5. its alright. I personally think that after a while it starts to smell like ass. I prefer smoking anyday
  6. it's interesting that so many people prefer smoking.

    I was theorizing the other day that I wasn't actually addicted to maryjane but more the ritual of smoking and possibly to the other shit in pot smoke.
  7. i have a vape and its like breathing in air. but i like smoking cause it smells better and i like looking at my bong
  8. once i learned how to properly use my vapor brothers i LOVED it - doesn't burn my throat, smooth, better for my lungs - i hardly ever smoke anymore
  9. vaporizing is better for your lungs and doesn't waste as much weed as does smoking because its not constantly burning but i really just prefer smoking. its gets me higher and its the REAL way to smoke.

    my friend has a vaporizer and swears up and down by it and i enjoy it but sometimes you just want a blunt.
  10. vaping you get a headrush as soon as you take the rip (if you take it right).. it's a cleaner high that tends yo leave you less tired.. for some it makes them cough a lot.. others can't feel it at all when they inhale but once your lungs are full you feel it.. also the first hit tastes exactly like the weed itself you are smoking, and then rest taste like roasted nuts

  11. I agree with JAH. They're both completely different. I usually go in and out of phases when I'll predominantly vape and then smoke.
  12. If I could afford a vap I would use it just for the act of conserving weed. The burnt flavor isnt too great though, I prefer smoking and watching the exhale. :p
  13. I DEFINITELY recommend vaporizing. I still smoke the occasional joint here and there but if health concerns are something that matter you should really start treating your lungs better. The Volcano is obviously the best unit out there but there not all so expensive - you could probably afford this one...
  14. personally i prefer smoking. theres just something about smoking in general that is awesome.
  15. I love my vape. It conseves nugget, tastes great, gets me high for longer, and feels cleaner. That said, I love smoking bowls, spliffs and blunts as well. I tend to use the vape when im by myself and roll when im with others. the vape got me quite high as i was writing this. It tends to creep up on you and only fully hits around 10 minutes after smoking it.
  16. i like to vape every once in a while with the volcano... but i prefer smoking everyday :D

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