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Vanilla Ice Strain?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 21, 2011.

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    My dealer told me he had Vanilla Ice? I looked it up and I couldn't find anything on it. I only like to smoke indica's lately cause i get bad paranoia on sativa. So if anyone could tell me anything about this "vanilla ice" much appreciated.

    EDIT: He just said theres lots of orange hairs and its light green. Not too dense.
  2. This video will let you know everything about Vanilla Ice

    [ame=]Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I never heard of it, but I am assuming it is going to be a cross of something with the strain Ice -- most likely white widdow or white rhino.

    Ice is a sativa.
    White Widow is a Sativa dominant hybrid - 40/60 indica/sativa.
    White Rhino is a Indica Dominant hybrid - 60/40 indica/sativa.

    Most likely it will be a sativa dominant hybrid unless he is just wrong about the genetics which is also a possibility.
  4. Your dealer is bullshitting you. Only time you are getting legit strains is if you
    A. Got it direct from the dispensary

    B. Got it direct from a legit grower

    C. Bought the seeds from a legit seedbank and grew the bud yourself.

    And also most weed is a hybrid of both. Best way to tell is to look at the bud. In my experiences sativa has been fluffy and not very dense. And is more likely to have a fruity smell.

    Indica is usually skunktastic. And its dense.
  5. In my experience, Sativa has usually been really dense. I just got Green Crack the other day and it was really dense. Sativa dom. Indicas have seemed less dense to me too. Maybe I'm wrong. Just trying to get what info i can.
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    It depends on the grower, but sativa buds are usually longer and airy (less dense) while indica are normally shorter plants, shorter nugs and denser.

    This is not a standard though, it will vary from bud to bud on a single plant, from phenotype to phenotype of a single strain, from strain to strain, different growing technique, nutrients, indoor or outdoor, etc, etc, etc

  7. Seriously? You neg rep me for saying that the op probably isn't getting a legit strain?

    Just because YOU know someone who can get you legit strains doesn't mean everyone does. Vanilla ice sounds made up. And even if it isn't there is no information about it online. Therefore if anything my post helped the op more then yours. I actually told him how he could tell if sativa or indica was dominant. Instead of taking wild guesses at what strains it could be mixed with.

    If op was experienced enough to have a legit dealer he wouldn't even need to ask this.

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