vanilla extract

Discussion in 'General' started by Tekhnix, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. i dont plan on doing it, but is it possible to get drunk off of one of the little obttles of vanilla extract (83% alcohol by volume)

    again, i dont plan on doing it, just saw something on the news about how kids and homeless people were stealing it from grocery stores
  2. Wtf...83 %. I did not know vanilla extract had alcohol in it :\
  3. rofl....drunk of vanilla.
  4. Nail polish remover does the trick was better.
  5. I put it in my hookah water.
  6. so far no one has answered my question (not trying to sound likea dick or anything)
  7. thank you, +rep
  8. Next time I cant get any liqour...

    haha just kidding.
  9. I've done it. Burns like a bitch and tastes horrible. Works though
  10. So is it...worth it??

    Burns like how? Like a vodka burn?
  11. I think he meant a little more than just the regular alcohol burn
  12. I would never do that.....ughh
  13. If you really want to get drunk and you can't get alcohol, i guess its worth it, but it is really foul tasting
  14. mix some cola in it or something. the REAL vanilla coke lmao. but yea next time i go to a store and if its not too expensive ill get me some just to try it out.

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