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Vanilla Extract - Does it get u high *pounds another vanilla coke*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. damn, never relized how much I pounded vanilla coke and almost feels like a buzz comin.
  2. lol welcome back man....I dunno but I was actually drinkin a vanilla coke right this second...Why are they so addicting?!?!
  3. I heard they used to put coca extract in coca- cola, essentily extreamly unrefined cocane... i think...
  4. They put cocaine in coca-cola until like 1905. That was common at the time though...
  5. don't wanna be a vanilla coke buzzkill, but I just can't stand the stuff. the weird thing is that I thought I'd like it quite a bit when it first came out. Of course, I drink code red mountain doo far too often... it doesn't seem like the vanilla coke's doing too well though, at least not around here, the grocery store by my house is selling leftover bottles of it for 50 cents

    is it a stoner thing?

    hows the headaches xplicit?

  7. I think beer gives a better buzz. tho ive never drank that much coke.
  8. im back on a temporary basis. I did manage to pick up two computers, but one of them is shared and the other doesn't have the net. As for the headaches, still here, but not as bad as before. jus now, I can't really use the computer stoned untill this weekend when I get the other one since this one is by my parents and well, u know how it goes being f'd up around em.
  9. sadly enough, i'll be back for only a while. I need a job and do plan on clearing up for a month, unless life starts to get sh'tty again and I could care less about a car and job. This weekend is a dillema, since I can either go to a dance with a girl or chill and smoke a blunt to myself. Decisions, can't make em.
  10. coco-cola use to put small amounts of cocain in there soda many years ago. no wonder people kept coming back lol
  11. I liked vanilla coke until I met Capitan morgan. Lol, everytime i drink that coke it reminds me of being drunk off my ass from capitan morgan.
  12. Jack Daniels should come out with a hard vanilla cola.
  13. Jebadiah! For you need to think what has not been thunk for it is gooooddd. and so the cat speaks.
  14. mmmmm.....sunflower seeds:D

    holy shit...unknown...youve been gone for a while...hmmm
  15. Yes, it is called "Where the fuck did I put my password?!?!"
  16. to xplicit content smoke half a blunt before the dance and half after the best of both worlds

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