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Vanilla dutchmaster cigarillos rolling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mos_def, May 26, 2010.

  1. i tried to roll a dutchmaster cigarello. im VERY new to rolling. so i split it and the outer leaf came off (the light color part) and i was left with the middle dark piece. that is the right piece to roll with right? [​IMG]
  2. naw man i mean it depends, normally with a dutch i unwrap the outer leaf, lick if its stuck tight on the end, and carefully upwrap the leaf, then cut the inside paper down the side. toss your tobacco, roll inside the inside paper, seal it up. wrap outer leaf tightly around outside, like it was originally rolled..
  3. thanks i just wanted to make sure that it was the right way to do it, im still learning!
  4. i'm a dutch master. in all honesty... it doesnt matter how good the wrap is rolled just as long as it is sealed. the outer leaf fixes everything. you have to wet the blunt (imo) to unroll the leaf. you can just try to pick it off but it can cause leaf to tear. huff or lick or put leaf on a drink with condensation to stay wet. take off cancer paper at the mouth end. crack blunt down the line from the original roll now you can use all the paper or i sometimes depending on weed rip off from flat end. i like to keep the curved part i feel it helps and aids in shape. you can take off the glue strip but sometimes i keep it on.

    roll like rolling a joint. lick it enough so it is sealed don't worry if it looks poopy. take the outer leaf and put it on 45 or so degree angle. i will put blunt down so that it basically makes an L shape using leaf end with the straight edge. roll bit by bit making sure it is tight. i sometimes will put something down on other end of leaf to give more tightness to the blunt. if you have someone around have them put their finger on the end so yo can make it tight. keep rolling on an angle.

    hope this helps anyone.
  5. do i absolutely need the outer leaf?
    mine just crumbled off kinda of..
    right now im practicing rolling Grape Swisher Sweets and they feel and look a little different, like there seems to be no outer leaf to take off
  6. no problem, nothin better than rollin up your own and reaping what you sow...ed?? LOL:smoke:
  7. i mean you don't have to use the outer leaf but then i'd suggest just buying wraps. sometimes to take the leaf off u have to lick the shit out of it... around friends it's a little bad becuz it looks really bad but it's necessary imo. maybe the one you had was old and stale. that shit happens from time to time.

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