Vanessa From South Carolina

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  1. My names Vanessa I am from beautiful south carolina. Im from the foothills so there is such a nice scenery here and of course the majority of the population smokes weed since there is nothing else to do but wait for your death.
    I am excited to start interacting with everyone at grass city. I choose to make an account with grass city because you can actually talk about other recreational chemicals here! Like shrooms. I fucking love shrooms.
    Ehhmmm lets see what else about me....
    Ive been smoking for 3 years now I am in high school still but im graduating this june!
    My best friend has been bound to a wheel chair his whole life, we love to smoke and I was put on this earth to help him through life.
    I've been contemplating on taking acid
    I spoil myself when I smoke.
    I can roll joints and blunts, and people find that sexy.
    Im generous with my weed. I love sharing weed!
    I just love getting other people high with me.
    Id rather smoke a blunt than a bowl anyday.
    I smoke on a daily basis with my boyfriend sometimes I think its what keeps us together haha...
    Get to know me I am a really chill and nice person

    Ive read over the posting rules and now im going to look around at different threads.

    excuse my signature if it is out of place im still tweaking it.

  2. Stupid signature..
  3. Why hello there Vanessa. Welcome to Grasscity. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  4. welcome to the city
  5. Welcome, from Asheville North Cackalak. (not living there anymore):rolleyes:

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