Vancouver Tokers Unite!

Discussion in 'General' started by KushFarmer, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. So I know that there is way to many of these threads, but i feel this is important. Vancouver is a huge pot capital with many things going on

    Who here if from vancouver or the vancouver area?

    I am lol.:hello:
  2. jesus no one?
  3. rite here
  4. I'm not from there, but I go there often. Usually poco area.
  5. WAZZZZAAP fellow vancouverites!!!!
    Whooop Whooop Whoop woop :wave:
  6. What kinda herb you guys blazin on.?

  7. shitty mids cuz im the only one in vansterdam who cant find good hookups
    i got the cash just not the friends and contacts :(
  8. Some NY Diesel tonight, topped with some nice afghani hash.
  9. for me just some No name indica dank, seriously one bowl of that shit and im messed up
  10. right on right on... i have some purple kush and some green crack
  11. I have trouble understanding how anyone cannot find dank in Vansterdam.

    Right now I have the following in my stash

    - Chronic
    - Lemon Hash Plant
    - Purple Kush
    - Cherry Jamaican
    - Hash Plant
    - White Lightning

    And I'll be going out to pick up sum more after this runs out. Which it should soon seeing I've had it for over a week and only picked up an eight to a quarter of each.
  12. im moving to vancouver after school i cant wait
  13. lady toker in vancouver here =)
  14. God, I wish for nothing more than to move back to Vancouver. I had to move after we couldn't afford the ridiculous price of the loft I was sharing with some friends (not to mention the fact that I had become tired of consantly moving due to money issues), and I got a job in Chilliwack, so I've been here ever since. The grass is fuckin' nuts here; easily as good as the Vancouver shit. I swear, the second I win the lottery I'm gonna find me a house in Kitsilano again and start a grow show to supply some clinics, which is something I've been planning to do for years, but just didn't have the time, money or equipment to grow weed.
  15. Don't live in vancouver but live real close and get all my bud from there
    super kill shit, bit pricey but tottaly worth it, only the finest from the pope lol
  16. I'm not from B.C. or Canada for that matter
    But I do like the B.C. Lions
  17. Not in Vansterdam but still in Canada, loving the cheap prices for good buds
  18. Yeah vancover housing prices are just ridiculous, i live on the island, and just take a ferry whenever i want to visit our pot capital of Canada

    My big bro lives there, so i visit him often enough.

    Vancouver is the shiit tho, i LOVE it there, when i get more money to blow i'll probably start ferry hopping it over there every couple of weekends.
  19. Its all about Vancouver Island, so chill. Where I work I always get tons of people coming in high buying munchies, and the best part is they are of all ages.
  20. Hey I was waiting a long time for a thread like this to pop up. hello fellow vancouverites! I knew there was some of us out there in Grass City!
    Only thing that sucks is living expenses! We need higher minimum wage!
    By the way these are my prices for North Van. kinda on the steep side, or maybe I just don't know the right people.

    North Van. Price Chart

    1 gram - 10$

    3.5 gram/eigth - 30$

    7 gram/quarter - 60-70$

    14 grams/half - 120-140$

    28 grams/ounce - 200-250$

    I still love BC :smoking:

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