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  1. if you're in the US, they dont ship here
    just a heads up
  2. i got my seeds from vancouver seeds y2k strain 10 seeds 5 male 5 female were jumping out of the rockwool cubes the free seed 0 when i got my seeds they shipped to us now iam not sure i got my seeds in aug 09
  3. is that so? maybe im wrong then
    cause i tried to buy the Fucking Incredible strained a the beginning of summer the site told me that they wouldnt ship to america when i went to check out
  4. i sent them a blank money order and filled out order form and mailed them both
  5. We just got some seeds from Kind Seeds shipped to the US... ordering was simple and seemless... came regular mail (no signature required) nicely packaged. If you're a medical patient, you can get a discount if you send copies of cards. Just a heads up, they have a ton of seeds.
  6. just curious how did u pay for it?
  7. We paid with a credit card and ordered on line. We called the number and talked to someone there who was very helpful with selections and ensuring us that this was legit.
    Got the seeds and just germinating them now. Can't wait!!! Got "Midnight" (cross between fucking incredible and black) and some Nagano gold.

    Happy gardening!:smoking:

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