Vancouver "outdoor mix" indoor grow, and box construction

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    I posted this on another site, but here it is again :)

    I got these seeds from a Vancouver seed store when i was there. I have to admit they were just the cheapest ones they had :p unfortunately i bought the outdoor mix.....anyway, gotta live with what ya got.

    Anyway, i am growing indoors in a box i am putting on the wall.....seeing as my living space is only about 4x4 meters plus a bathroom, i gave up may as well make it convenient. :thumbup:

    My goal is not so much getting good bud as getting seeds, so this will be a male and female grow.

    The Box
    150cm (5') wide by 163cm (5'3") tall by 45cm deep (15").

    it is above the ground hanging over my computer, or will be once finished.

    venting etc will come soon.

    I did this super cheap with very little tools (the problem with living abroad), this is almost entirely due to the fact i am married and cant spend much money on anything fun lol!

    material costs US/CDN$:
    1x1 boards $2.00 X6=$12.00
    3/4x1 boards $2.00 X3=$9
    thin ply sheets 3x6 $4.50 X4=$18
    hinges (4) $1.50
    L braces $3.00 X4 $12
    Light fixtures/wire etc $6.00 (4 so far) $24
    paint (white) $5 (cheap crap paint from painter)
    caulking $1.50
    screws $8
    nails $4
    Glue $12 (good wood glue)
    light bulbs (75W) $20 x2=$40
    Light bulbs (32w) $4 x2=$8
    more bulbs (23 watts....already had em) $3 x4=$12

    total so far: $167
    more to add as building continues

    Aug 28
    did a little bit.....gotta get off my ass and do some more soon. the first frame parts are up.

    Aug. 30

    Aug 31. all done except for venting (still searching for fan) and paint/light proofing. some minor other things like a latch for the door (using tape now lol).

    done now minus venting.

    I plan on using fluorescent the whole way. this is because it is very hot where i live and the last thing i need is a hot light setup. for breeding i dont see why fluoro wont do a great job :)

    so far what is planned are 4 x 24" fluoros at 70 L/W and 2x 65W CFL (one 2700 and one 6500K i will switch them on/off for veg/flower). the cfl are only 65L/W

    so at once i will have 1 65 w cfl and 80 watts of tubes with a total of 145 watts and 9825 lumens. is this enough? lights will be about 3-5" away from plants (pully system).

    Edit: lighting has changed a bit, will post when its done and final.

    i eye ball it all so this is just an estimate.
    60% coco coir
    15% outdoor garden soil (similar wight as carrot farms)
    15% crushed baked something rock i use in cactus instead of perlite.
    5% organic pellet fertilizer from poop. 7-4-5
    5% worm castings from the garden (organic of course :))
    also used round clay pebbles on the bottom for drainage...about 1"

    Hot and humid here, so this may bring up some issues. its always high 20's to 30's C.....will need to work something out for this.

    The Plants
    I am starting with just 2 plants at first to see what sexes i get. i don't want more than 2 plants growing at a time to keep smell down. This is a breeding not a harvest, so i want 1 male and one female and get a good supply of seed for the future (impossible to get seeds here).

    August 26 i put 2 seeds into paper towel to germinate.

    Aug. 27, they are splitting and i can see the tap root poking through.

    Aug. 28 got root. just realized i have no coco left, gotta go get some tomorrow and plant these up.

    Aug 29. Planted them in separate 2 gallon(ish) pots. Also put in 2 more seeds to germinate.

    Aug. 30 One sprouted.
    I call this one Micky

    Aug 31. i think the other seed is dead. it got real hot one day (39C) and i think it cooked in the soil :( micky is doing good though.

    and the seeds are coming is completely annihilating the other in speed.

    Sept. 1

    only one seed lived, the other was eaten by bugs. its sprouted though

    September 07
    growing pretty slow, which i think is due to the hot temps! its pretty hot here, but without buying an AC not much i can do.


    Micky is starting to look like a plant now, getting some real leaves.

    Minnie was burnt by the light a little bit back which i am sure slowed her right down! just starting to get her first set of true leaves.

    September 10.

    micky is starting to grow a little faster now, i gave it some ferts, weak liquid.


    Septs 11
    Micky got a lady.....bug.

    more pics as things progress.
  2. Those 2 sprouts are exactly the same. Hope you got some good strains in that outdoor mix.
  3. ya the seeds looked identical, but there are 5 obviously different kinds. i planted these 2 together because they were the same. the second 2 i planted are also the same as each least in seed appearance.

    is there really any good reason outdoor isn't good indoors, and vise vera? or is it just a temperature/size type thing?
  4. first of the second batch has sprouted.

    and the box is almost done.

  5. Outdoor strains are generally Very sativa type strains that grow very tall... You can maintain indoors with High Intensity Discharge Lighting.(Hps/MH).. Set up looks good.. Why would you want a ton of seeds? are you doing an large scale outdoor grow next season and need the beans??? The smoke won't be very good.. You can always grow the plants out. Take clones off them all when they are a foot tall and flower the clones so you will find what plants are females. Kill the male plants and keep the females as mothers and take clones... Plant those and you will have 100% females, Indoors and out.

    Nice setup Rep +
  6. thanks man :) i was REALLY hoping for a sative dom. plant!! i love sativa far more than indica. i dont mind the height, i can prune train, i will likely use a scrog method i think. box is only 5 or 6 feet tall.

    i want a ton of seeds because in this country pot is *INCREDIBLY* hard to find. where i am from in BC i was used to being stoned all day every day for a few years before i moved here, where i haev had NO pot in 3 years :eek: basically i want a good long lasting supply of seeds, cause i dont want to have plants growing all the time (i have lots of guests). i wont even get into how much of a hassle it was to get seeds in, then the risk and anxiety awaiting the package...they have very good mail dudes that can catch anything it seems....i have had so many seeds nabbed (legal) its not even funny, even hidden ones. my thought behind mass seed production is basically the same as if you were to be stuck on a tropical island, you would first want to make sure you are totally self sufficient.

    i will take your idea about cloning though! that si a good one! i think i will clone a bunch and keep the mother and father to breed and make a seed stock for myself. then with the clones that will be kept in veg separately i will use to grow better bud for myself.

    i agree bud with seeds in it jsut aint as good ti seems....however i am not sure how good bud can get with a cfl grow...

    thanks for the pointers :)
  7. I understand your situation a little better... You should check my grow to see how secret they can be right in front of your face(I need to put a lock on that thing).. But this is my suggestion... With your grow- Cfls are going to have a hard time keeping up with taller plants.. Usually it is cheaper to run 1 400w hps rather than a ton of cfls but this is so, so in a way.. I think that when you have achieved flowering and you know what males and females you like.. take the males away to a dif.. Location(another small cfl grow) let them flower a little longer. Then take the two strongest male and female.. And since they are in dif. areas then you can put a bag over one of the large female flowers and use the male pollen under your control to bear seeds on the one cola or side shoot... That way you have good smoke and more beans than you could handle... Through the growth of the new beans you can choose the phenos you love the most too bread further in a correct manner...

    Please ask more or tell me where I am wrong so I can continue to give support
  8. thanks, thats a great idea! is the idea of the bag to pollinate the plowers in the bag and prevent the pollen from going to the other flowers outside the bag? seems logical!

    HID lights are definitely my house and in the shade it is often mid 30's now, in the box it is over 40 degrees!!! so i have managed to get it down to low 30's, but an hid would be far far too hot....and im married so its hard to justify the costs with this already :rolleyes: unfortunately, it must be a fluorescent least for now.
  9. I have yielded wondrous herb off cfls. Just a little on the light and airy side.. Now with the bag Idea you would pull say your favorite male.. put him in a different area.. when his pollen sheds. you collect it and save it in your freezer(I am not sure the best method) I have always used fresh pollen.. and impregnate your female branch...You could yield 50- hundreds of seeds on 1 branch.. Then you will have some sensimilla to smoke as well.

    Dont get down on only have floro's to grow.. I would just flower them at about a foot tall no later due to stretching issues and height restrictions as well as lighting being diminished.

    Good luck and ask away
  10. awesome thanks bro!

    i am looking for hundreds of seeds.....for reasons of outdoor style plantings in the mtns...but thats another topic, lets just say i want bulk amounts of seeds lol.

    should the pollen be stored dry? i cant see fresh "moist"pollen taking being frozen...?can it? either way i intend on jsut pollinating a shit load and collecting seeds, no need to store pollen if i got hundreds of seeds.

    i was thinking of letting them grow to 2 feet and training them under a screen. if using a scrog method, 2 feet in a 5 foot high chamber should be ok shouldnt it? it has 2 feet of stretch space, and i will be adding lights to the side walls as well to add light further down the plant....what do you think?
  11. updates.

    September 07
    growing pretty slow, which i think is due to the hot temps! its pretty hot here, but without buying an AC not much i can do.


    Micky is starting to look like a plant now, getting some real leaves.

    Minnie was burnt by the light a little bit back which i am sure slowed her right down! just starting to get her first set of true leaves.
  12. move your bulbs away a little if its that hot around in the box, its gonna be alot hotter nextto the bulb
  13. it is starting to look a little like a pot plant.
  14. If you want there to be as many beans as possible than just let them grow out together and run lightly a small fan.. You will have millions.. J/K but seriously
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    EDIT: why cant i edit my original posts? i want to keep the first post up to date.

    Sept 15.

    Sept 16

    Sept 22

    Sept 26
    it is branching from every leaf node!

    here it is, 31 days old.

    October 2
    now there are 4 clones starting to root. Main plant has 9 finger leaves now.

  16. looking good so far. cant wait to see big fat girls lol :hello:

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