Vancouver Bc is the sh!T, i luv it there :)

Discussion in 'General' started by islandboi23, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. i just got back from BC for the first time.i luv it man. the woman are sexy and just easy to talk to,its a laid back city. i love how they have a cafe where you can smoke. its also preety tight that you can score weed like your in a movie scene about weed:p,it was crazy.

    granville st. the clubs are popping after hours still be popping till 7am.I met some cool people and im definitely looking forward to coming back and kicking it.:wave: sh!t i might even move up here.
  2. Night life in Vancouver is lame, don't kid yourself. Other than that I love it, wicked good times.
  3. Haha yeah I love V town, I find it incredibly annoying that they have all of those different cities in one area. Oh wait you live in port coquitlam, not coquitlam? and the fucken named streets too! lol But yes, Vancouver's atmosphere kicks ass, and the women are hot!

    Personally though, I like that it takes 15 mins to get to downtown in rush hour where I live, compared to the hour it would take from most places in Vancouver.
  4. i had some good times yesterday at the clubs,i luv the nightlife. i luv to dance so clubs are fun.+ fun is what you make out of it. to each its own:wave:

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