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  1. ok stole sum Valium from somone .. "mom " /grin

    well what does it do.. i already took one i think

    well what does it exactly .. last night i took one got rlly sleepy and was chillin in my car in front of house listenin to sum beats with sum crazy bass felt like it wuz flowin thru meh .. what does this high actually do
  2. It's not the best idea to mess with Valium. It is a very strong sedative and muscle relaxant. It is extremely addictive (a physical dependancy often showing in two weeks or less) and can be quite fatal if mixed with other sedatives or narcotics (i.e. alcohol, sleeping pills etc etc). Potential side effects are permenant memory loss, blurred vision, heart palpatations, lowered blood pressure, confusion.

    There's a lot of information on this page if you're interested:

    I would strongly recommend avoiding any kind of prescription pain killer or sedative mainly because of their addictive qualities. I've spent a lot of time around patients who are addicted to things like valium, percocet, morphine and onwards, and its not a pretty picture.
  3. " I've spent a lot of time around patients who are addicted to things like valium, percocet, morphine and onwards, and its not a pretty picture."

    what is it u do for work singerk?
  4. well holy fuck immm jjust poped 2 i think llil circular orange ones i think 20mg .. best fuckin thing ive ever done and its only startring did it 30 mins ago or sooo and im goin nuts ..

    swaeting palms very calm. music is Aewomse i dumt have much control over hwat im doin my stumbling over my self waht is the overdose .. i was on the phone with my girlfriend and shedidnt even notice i was fucked up witch is a plus..........l..[.. omg i am jhvin fun of life my ever o i thnk i mean im having the most fun ive ever had.. i wont do it often since its stolen from my mommy thingy type it u knoe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but yea here and there 2 pills will not be bad tehre like ,a 20mg pills i thnk and i took 2 ... not a sad high very drunkness high woohgwooo i luve uit

    im soryr if i am slurrin myt shit i cant even stand still worowohg


  5. I used to work on the medical/surgical floor of a hospital as a CNA. I got liscenced when I was 16 and worked until I was 19. I've since changed my major to English Education, so I don't work there anymore.

    Yeah...I talk a lot.
  6. well welll well the lepricon fucker is back..!!!

    i took 2x the dosage my mom does and she is about 100 lbs more then me and wuz prescrived as a strong dosage for her .. im trypin balz
  7. Valium is great. You probably won't even remember posting that last message, Valium is great at erasing all memory of what happened while you were peaking.
  8. makes me wish i had a few vicoden for the night. or at least a few beers. have fun!
  9. read about a guy who took a few and drank some too.........killed his best mate by stabbing him 10 times, and he couldn't remember a bit of it........he woke up in the police station asking what he'd done...........i wouldn't mess with it.......i seen "jelly junkies", some used to inject it into their veins.......needless to say a lot are in wheelchairs now, and some on crutches.........Peace out.........Sid
  10. thnxs sid that kinnda info always helps

    peace kr4zy
  11. yeah man, valium is fun and all but it fucks you up hardcore. ive only done it once and although it was an awesome high for a few minutes, everything after that is blackness. i shotgunned/beerbonged like 4 beers and then popped 30mg of valium. i drank 3 more beers over the next half hour and went and sat on the couch, then i woke up at 3 p.m. the next day (it was around 10 oclock when i sat down) and to this day i dont remember anything about what happened and i was fucked up for the rest of the day pretty much too. supposedly I drank a fuckload more and got into a fight with my good friend john for no reason and a whole bunch of other stuff happened that i dont remember at all. im 234 pounds and that fucked me up a lot, ive never not remembered stuff before aside from hat ngiht. just so long as you dont mix it with alcohol (mix with bud though, ALWAYS mix things with bud) youll have an awesome time.
  12. a while ago... four kids from the area I live in were in a car crash.. 2 died... the driver and his friend.. everyone said he was fucked up on valium... i know he was into valium pretty heavy too...

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