Valium, took 20 mgs. feelin crazy now

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by relobe, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. as im typing this i can hardly control my fingers. feeling very nice. I have a cold so Im letting thr throat clear up. Wish i had some edibles (bud) since I'm avoiding smoke until my throat is good enough. i have a bit of bud, is firecrackers worth it? I probably have like 1.5 or so of some 6.8/10 bud if im lucky. i think the last and only other time i did valium i blacked out for the whole day but i remember going to a friends house. thats it tho. weird feeling.i wonder if im capable to make firecrackers right now. i may plop onto my bed in a min. probably dont even have any ingredients besides the green.

    on a side note, i really love my mom. she would support me no matter what. "mom i need some sleeping pills"- "here take these, take them all i duno what they are youll be stumbling all over the place hahah." i get a varierty of pills to look up and realized she gave me 20mgs of valium. took em and yes.

    have had a horrible painful cough for the past few days. hardly can feel it on this valium. tv looks so interesting. trying music next. have heard it doesn't increase appreciation (spelled that right on the first time god i feel like im moving in slow motion)

    so i guessi m asking, should i make a firecracker with a gram of bud or so? will this even do anything. so relaxed im melting into the chair. sorry for the long post guys but this was enjoyable:D
  2. Don't lay down, you'll fall asleep.
  3. thanks for the reply man i appreciate it. i remembered i had a roach last night i was coughing too much to finish. my throat pain is like completely diminished. i reallllly wanna roll up a joint. whats the verdicts? should i do it? im 90% leaning towards it. music is great btw, not sure where i read that music was bothering someone but its great to me.

    i figure i might have an extra day of a sore throat compared to this drug mix ill likely never get to experience again. im going to check back in a few. :smoke: or :( lol
  4. Relobe, since you're good on some diazapam you aught to make a likee a bong with a lot of water and ice or something so you can tske some cool, small hits.

    I could go for some val, but I'm not really a pill popper, Dexed a few times and did vicodins once but I'd like to try it after what I've read.
  5. i went to sleep against the advice of an above poster lol. it felt too tempting. i actually feel much better now tho after i woke up.

    im not much of a pill popper either. i've done vicodin about 5 or 6 times. vicodin, imo, is better than valium. i planned on actually falling asleep on valium, didn't know it would be as euphoric as it was.

    if this was a non bed laying-recovery day i would have been pure reefer and never thought of the pills haha.

    as for the idea about the bong, I would do that but im at home from college and all my paraphernalia is left at my house out of town :(. I still may roll a joint in a few. I figure one won't hurt my throat as much as the 7-8 joints or 3-4 blunts i smoke a day, lol. if i find anymore pills i may skip out on the joint and just try to sleep off this cold a bit longer.
  6. lol i took 70mg one time and i walked about a mile through the woods with one of my homeboys that includes hopping a big ass fence.
  7. lol wtf, i couldnt even imagine making it outside of my neighborhood on 20mgs. 70!? crazy fuck :D.

    i told my mom i liked the valium so she hooked it up with 30 mgs more. im going to take 20 then going to roll a blunt. wait til i start feeling it then smoke half the blunt. probably after that i will pass out. if i wake up in the middle of the night ill take the other one and hopefully fall back asleep. ive been sleeping all day so i know itll be tough to stay in bed through the night. i was going to stay away from blunts but honestly i love blunts so much more. i guess i'll know tomorrow morning if i should have done it or not lol.

    also, i hardly remember typing half the stuff i did lol. maybe itll happen again, maybe see you guys soon:smoke:
  8. haha hope it turned out good for you bro enjoy
  9. i discovered something while smoking the blunt. small hits! a concept that would never have entered my head if my throat wasnt fucked. this high is waaaaay better. its like slow motion being blown. or pretty much being verry verry high.

    i just got up and tried to pop lock. not mcuh success. i think i was at least on beat tho lol. i have newcleus - jam on it on my ipod, i had to do it.

    i swear i cant even feel my throat. i dont even feel sick anymore. i might have to hit up the other half of that blunt. orrr save it for later when i wake up, probably better idea. coughs are no longer hurting.

    wonder how long itll last... we'll see whats up, if i stay up long enough to enjoy this anymore lol, heading fo the bed after. hopefully i find a good ass movie or show, discovery channel, history channel yeeea peace out gc :devious:
  10. yeah valium + chronic is nothing short of the most amazing feeling.

    add some malibu too.
  11. Your moms the shit bro.
  12. thanks man. shes definitely a unique mom. once my friend who had a broken arm was killing him during class in high school. i lived across the street nad told my friend where i lived, called my mom and told her to hook him up with some vicodin lol. he came back feeling great. also the teacher was an idiot (2 period computer repair class) so he didnt notice he left at all.

    dads a diff story. im debating whether to wait for him to get home and sleep before i smoke the other half of the blunt. definitely ready to take this last pill and blaze and watch some family guy yeeess. fuck it im ging to smoke right now. peace out GC:D
  13. Yeah, my mom used to always throw pills at me for whatever ailment I'd have. Hell, the first time I did vicodin was on accident when my mom gave me pills to take for an ingrown tonail before school, in my frist period which I normally disliked the first half of the year I was happy and just didn't care.

    Then my mother found out I used pot and that's stopped, I guess she thinks I'll follow in her footsteps with pill addiction, oh well.
  14. your mom sounds chill too man. no pot for her tho huh? my mom doesnt like weed either. shes tried a few times with me (and got decently blzed), she just doesnt like the feeling apparently. she has read up about it online a bit and has even emailed me articles that supported medical MJ. she even knows i have a card for my back and has me get her some cannabutter to make brownies for me nad my sister hahha, im rambling now. oh yeah she left them out too on the counter, i bet my dad ate some. wonder if he noticed :eek:. fuck im missing adult swim! be back later, probably not ill be asleep by robot chicken most likely:wave::smoke::hello:
  15. lol one time i took 4 valium and 5 flexorol. idk the mgs but i was fuckeddddddddddd up. i weigh 130 btw lol
  16. whats funny is i have some flexiril, but im saving it for tonight when i wake up and cant sleep. this valium is enough to keep me satisfied... and this other blunt i just rolled :D

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