Valium counterproductive when working out?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dramacyde, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Well, the title holds my question. I'm just wondering if the muscle relaxing effects would have any negative side effects when it comes to building muscle.

    I've noticed that benzos make it a lot easier for me to work out more with less fatigue but I don't want it to be for nothing.
  2. Never worked out on benzo's but I'll have to try it. I have worked out on ex tho and that was hella fun. I couldn't possibly see any way it would hinder muscle building especially if you aren't worn out as fast.
  3. I'm thinking that if the muscles are relaxed that I may be able to work out longer because they're not working as hard or some shit.. I don't know though, seems like it's "too good to be true" but I could just be reeeeeally high right now (which I am).
  4. With the muscles relaxed, by Valium, you will not be able to work out as long/hard. If the muscles are not up to their full limit, of course you will not be able to lift as much, or any do any other part of working out to the full potential.
  5. I could see using valium or a muscle relaxor as a good way to recover when your done working otu, since your muscles would be relaxed and it would allow for easier healing.

    I dunno about working out on valium though, it makes you so lethargic and sloppy.
  6. I doubt they affect you, but I know alcohol hinders muscle growth.
  7. I'd be very cautious with this. I know someone who was lifting weights after a massage and thought that they could lift more than they actually could because their muscles were feeling so good and relaxed. Long story short, he tore the crap out of his shoulder.
  8. Well I'm not lifting anything super heavy, just the same 20lb dumbbells I always use, not doing any crazy exercises either just simple stuff.

    Valium doesn't even have that much of an effect on me because of my benzo tolerance, I have to take at least 60-80mg to get any noticeable effects so I'm not even sure that it's doing that much to relax my muscles either.. It just seems to be a hell of a lot easier for me to do without getting worn out as fast.
  9. it would be counterproductive if your on it DURING a workout, however it would benefit you after especially if you cramp and twitch a lot. I used em a lot when I did a lot of weight lifting.
  10. I just got back from the gym after waking up from a zombied Xanax/Alcohol nap and smoked a grav of dank before I went. My lift numbers weren't the highest I usually do but they were only about 5-10lbs off/

    I've also worked out after doing cocaine and coming down from a 2 day back to back roll as well.
  11. Im sure its not the best idea if your seriously trying to gain muscle

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