valium cost / mg dose?

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. 20mg gonna do nething? (i can get 1 10mg pill for 5$) is that straight? how hsould i take them .. parashoot?

    i kno smokins good .. if i wait till a friday or saturday i can drink too .. is that even better? just a few beers.. thanks
  2. comon i know one of you know.. and i typed ..'valium (correct spelling at time) price' in search found nothing so .. but i saw alot of threas of u guys havin valium.. ne11??
  3. $5 is a little high for 10mg of valium. valium is amazingly cheep; xanax and klonopin are more expensive. 10mg of valium should cost no more than $3. 2 for $5 would be a fair price. I know exactly what they are, they are blue and depending on where they were made they probably say Roche on them and/or have a 10 on them. I've done them many of times. I love pharms more than anything and have a nice variety. Valium is my least favorite benzodiazipine. You will not get high from it or any sort of head buzz at all. You will only be very relaxed and if you do too much you'll just feel like you haven't had sleep in 2 days and want to go to bed. That's all any benzos do for you (including xanax, klonopin, ativan, and others). They are highly over rated in my opinion. Valium is my least favorite in the benzo family because they take the longest to take affect and also have the longest more insane half life. Make sure you don't have to be up at any certain time the morning after you do them because you won't be getting out of bed! lol. There are better pharms out there. Pain killers are my favorite because they relax me and give me that head buzz that we all like so much. And whatever you do, please do not snort or smoke them. My lord... pills are for swallowing. Don't put pill chawk and pill fillers into your lungs.
    Good luck
  4. Ive paid $4 before. But I dont know the actual prices. I only bought valium once, I was more into xanax.
  5. Ya xanax is my favorite benzo and the most popular everywhere by far. The favorite of lots of celebs as well (in the benzo family). They are more expensive. They kick ya so fast (under 15 minutes); they are like this incase someone needs it to come out of a panic attack and the half life is below 8 hours (compared to valium which is 20x higher). Again, just for relaxation.. don't expect to get "high" off them, it doesn't exist. They are popular for aiding or adding to other drugs. Ie: people use them to come down from coke, or if one gets paranoid and anxiety feelings from too much herb it'll relax you and mellow it out, mixed with alcohol (very very moderately!) will get you drunker, etc.
  6. Yea I used to always drink with them. But I always went overboard and did stupid shit. Those days are over
  7. dont sound like im gonna get them.. 1 2 expexinve 2 dont sound to fun.. 3 i can get klipins and xanax cheaper.. and ya w/e fuck it
  8. Id get the xanax if you wanna party, If you wanna chill inside Id get the kpins.
  9. ill see waht hes got today when i get my nugget

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