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Discussion in 'General' started by Lilith999, Feb 13, 2003.


What are you doing on Valentine's Day?

  1. Valentine's Day? When is that?

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  2. Nothing with no one.

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  3. Spending it with my best buddy by my side, good ol' Mary J.

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  4. Snagging alone time with my significant other.

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  5. Boycotting and marching in protest.

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  6. Trying to ignore the social hype.

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  1. Just for the hell of it...What are folks doing on V-day? You know, that big, overcommercialized financial boon to the Hallmark corporation that actually has nothing to do with love and is based on ancient Roman sacrificing rituals...
  2. I'm trying to avoid the social hype.....

    .........who am I kidding, I'm gonna be home alone :(
  3. Awww...


  4. aww, ill be your valentine, hempress, heh.

    Wow I musta been really high to type that, dork for life.
  5. I think there's enough of me to go around ladies, since I'll be spending it with good ole Mary Jane.
  6. AH come on people cheer up. It's valentines day the 14th.

    So your home alone so what. Smoke one and think about all the people you really love.

    Ya'll will be here with the best lovers in the world.. <<now thats something to celebrate!
  7. I'm celebrating Valentines the old fashioned way............ I'll be home sacraficing some ancient Romans! ;)..

    Naw, really I'll be with my Lady. (plus some MJ) Maybe a movie or something?

  8. *sigh* always lonely but never alone.
    i believe i will get thourghly trashed, eat the chocolates i bought for my children an probably throw eh justa guess.
  9. probably spending it with my other skitzo personalities. the one who likes walentines day, the one who hates it, the one who is indifferent. gonna get drunk off wine and argue about while listening to bad brains.
  10. I work all day, then i come home and the misses goes to work. sigh no down time for us.


  11. Aww, thanks Sinister, that was sweet :)
  12. lets see now... uhh...

    yup, it's been half a decade since i was doing anything (that includes even just trying) on Valentines.

    kinda weird since that's about the same time i've considered myself fully developed enough for 'some'.
  13. I know exactly what you mean Digit and sometimes I feel the same way.

  14. Always lonely?

    Thats a feeling that i know alot about.. I've been there done that.. I put more time in the kids and less time in what I want. I have spoiled kids if you know what I mean!

    Keep the chin up and make life a little better for yourself!
  15. Used it as an excuse to take a day off work. We were going to go to Monterey, but the weather is poor and Phishhead got a ticket for the Dead concert tonight (which was like, last-minute announced over the weekend).

    I already received more than enough: flowers!

    I am just happy to be home, with the loves of my life: my bf, and my CAT, and a big sack of nugs :D
  16. I can't belive my brother and sister got off school for Valentines Day...that never happened when I was in school!!! No fair!!
  17. I hate's just an excuse to sell chocolate and greeting cards.

  18. February was the month for purification and sacrifices. the word February derives from the Latin word "to smoke" because smoke and smoking was used in Roman purification rituals.

    Another useles piece of trivia straight from the inner workings of BPP Enterprises, LLC.
  19. its valentines day and while I usually pass this day on as any other, I bought my dad a peanut butter reeses heart and I just know it was the best thing Ive done for him in a looooong time :)
  20. Damn my ex for ditching me 2 weeks before v-day... I'll be here, moping... not even mj to comfort me... Books and music will be my loves today...

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